Forms of discrimination against women in work, in sport and life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Forms of discrimination against women in work, sport and life

Some people might think that discrimination against women is something that happens in a direct and noticeable way and that's why many people who think that they treat women fairly might discover that they were actually discriminating against them without noticing.

I am not talking about the type of discrimination against women where someone tells a woman directly that being a woman makes her less important but i am talking about the type of discrimination that happens indirectly and that affects the woman more than the direct discrimination affects her.

The culture of discrimination against women in work, sports or life in general is usually taught to children at their early years and as a result the child grows up believing that women are inferior to men.

How discrimination against women is connected to inferiority complex

When both and men women learn in their early years that women are the inferior beings they both grow up to become more vulnerable to inferiority complex.

When someone discriminates against a women in work or sports then this reminds her of her inferior role and so she might develop an inferiority complex as a result of being a woman!!

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that Men on the other hand develop inferiority when they think that they have the so called womanly traits likes shyness, weakness or fear. This shows that men fall prey to the discrimination they do against women too without noticing.

How discriminating between men and women in work or sport result in tomboys

A Tomboy or a girl who acts like a guy is one of the indications of the presence of discrimination against women in work or sports.

Tomboys hate the female identity as a result of the discrimination that happened against them and so they decided to act like men in order to stick to the superior role there were taught about when they were kids.

Women who try to excel at certain sports such as boxing, weight lifting or martial arts in general usually want to do so because of disliking the feminine role.

Discrimination against women is also the reason you find bossy women at work, women who want to dominate men whether in the workplace or in real life and women who might become lesbians.

In all of these cases the woman is trying to escape from the role she believes to be inferior to the superior role.

forms of discrimination against women in the workplace and sports

Just as i said i am not talking about discrimination that happens in a direct way but i am talking about the more dangerous type of discrimination which happens indirectly and which is absorbed by the subconscious mind of a woman quickly. Here are some examples of the forms of discrimination:

  • Jokes about women: How many jokes are told about women each day? Without noticing some of these jokes implement the idea that women are inferior in our minds. These jokes, even if they were told for fun, are one of the hidden forms of discrimination against women in work, sports and everywhere else
  • Man = Good, Woman = Bad: Another form of discrimination against women is assuming that good traits are connected to men while bad ones are connected with women. How many times have you heard someone telling his friend to "Be like a man" when he wanted him to be brave, honest or strong? Such messages reinforce the idea of the inferiority of women and so result in more discrimination against them.
  • Putting certain restrictions on women: Some parents might try to prevent their children from doing certain harmless actions because they are considered manly behaviour. Again without noticing those parents support discrimination against women without realizing that they are doing it

Elimination of the forms of discrimination against women

Eliminating the forms of discrimination against women can't happen on individual basis but the whole community need to cooperate to change their shares beliefs about the inferiority of women.

In the internet age that we are living in elimination of the forms of discrimination against women can only take place when a powerful organization that has global presence works on changing this culture of discrimination world wide.

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