Do women really hate players

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I hate that player

"I hate that guy he is player. After few month i realized that he was dating two other women. I knew he would turn out to be a cheater. The moment i saw him i felt that he is that kind of guy" An angry woman.

From a psychological point of view the ultimate goal of most women is to have a stable family in order to provide a healthy environment for their upcoming offspring. This is a hard wired part in the brains of most women. The term hard wired means that women were designed that way with the exception of a few who undergo different changes as a result of the unique experiences they go through.

So from a psychological point of view women should hate players, right?
Well they should but many of them don't. In fact many women actually get attracted to players even though they would say that they hate them if they were asked about them. See why are men players.

One of the first things i learned when i went deep into psychology is that i should give very little if any regard to what people say and instead focus on what they actually do. See Do people really mean what they say?

One of the other things i learned from psychology is to read in between the lines. If you read the few lines written above carefully then this part will certainly get your attention "I knew he would turn out to be a cheater. The moment i saw him i felt that he is that kind of guy".

This woman was actually looking for a player

In fact. This women was actually looking for a player. In my previous article Why do i get attracted to cheaters i explained how certain unconscious goals can force you to get attracted to the wrong type of person.

Yes a part of that woman wanted stability in her life but another part wanted to attract a player and to make him love her. But how can those two goals exist together?

Simply this woman wanted to tame a player, probably to prove something to herself, then to have a stable relationship with him. This woman could for example have always felt that her parents like her sisters more than they liked her and as a result she decided to go for a man so many women like then to achieve the goal of being his favored woman.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that people try to replicate their pasts all the time in order to win the battles they never managed to win before.

This is exactly what this woman was trying to do. She was trying to give herself another chance to be the most favored one ,or the chosen, among many women.

Why else do women like players

Most women don't like needy men. In addition to that women get attracted to men who seem to be desirable by other women. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that when a person is believed to be desired by the opposite sex he automatically seems more attractive.

After all we humans are hard wired to favor precious things over less important things and according to the logic of most people if a person is favored by many then he must be a lot worthy than others.

In addition to all that some women try to attract a player to get a self esteem boost when they succeed in taming him. A woman can go for this challenge to prove to herself that she is capable of letting that player stop playing around just for her.

Moral of the story. Many women like players then they blame them when they cheat on them.

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