Does being obese affect your self esteem

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is self esteem?

I am pretty sure you noticed that the whole world now is pushing for the new beauty standard which involves being skinny. As soon as you watch some ads, see a movie or even listen to a song you can easily conclude that almost everyone have joined forces to make skinny the new beauty standard.

But the one million dollar question here is, does being obese affect your self esteem?
In order to answer that question let's first talk quickly about self self esteem. Self esteem is nothing more than a set of beliefs a person has about himself, others and the world.

If those beliefs were healthy then that person will certainly have a high self esteem while if some of those beliefs were unhealthy then the person would lack self esteem in some life areas.

In the Solid Self confidence program i have said that one of the important facts very few people know about self esteem is that your own point of view matters more than everyone else.

If for example the whole world believed that you are good looking but for some reason a part of you didn't believe that you are handsome you would still lack confidence when it comes to social interactions.

Self esteem comes from within. The real meaning of this phrase is that if your subconscious mind is happy with who you are then you would be very confident with disregard to what others think.

Does being obese affect your self esteem

This brings us to the next point. If you personally believe that being obese is a bad thing then you will never be as confident as you wish to be before you lose weight.

Now there is a tricky part in here. Many people claim that they are happy with who they are while in fact they suffer from an internal conflict because a part inside them isn't really satisfied with who they are.

In other words some people claim that they are happy with their looks while in fact a part of their minds isn't satisfied with their looks at all. In such a case no matter how those people try to convince themselves that looks aren't important or that personality matters more they will still lack self esteem. See also how to feel good about your looks.

This has nothing to do with the opinion of others because ,as i said before, your self confidence depends on your own beliefs not on what others think.

In some other cases some people , who are obese, have lost hope long ago in losing weight and as a result they started looking for other strategies such as convincing themselves that they are happy the way they are in order to end the pain.

Again those strategies never work because they fall under the self deception category where a person tries to force his mind to believe in something that it doesn't really want to believe in.

When obesity is associated with bad traits

Some people believe that obesity reflects laziness or helplessness. If an obese person had any of those beliefs then again that person will certainly lack confidence no matter how he tried to convince himself that he is happy the way he is.

I am pretty sure that by now you got the point of the article. If you are 100% OK with being obese and if no other part of your mind thinks that being obese makes you bad in any possible way then being obese will never affect your self esteem.

But if a part of your brain , even if it was a tiny part, thinks that being obese is bad then no matter what people think of you it would still be hard to feel confident.

Now the important question is.
In a world that promotes skinny beauty standards aggressively, Is it possible that a person could still be OK with the fact that he is obese?

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