Why building self confidence can help you end depression

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How past events and future expectations affect our emotions

Is there any connection between self confidence and depression?
Isn't depression all about problems with the brain chemicals?
How can a higher self esteem reduce depression?

Before answering all of those questions let me first tell you few things about human emotions. At any point of time the emotions you will be experiencing won't just depend on what's happening in that moment but both your past memories and your future expectations will also be impacting your state of feeling.

Here is a simple example. If something really bad happened to you on a certain day then most probably you will still feel bad when you wake up the next day. Am pretty sure this happened to you before and the reason this happened is that your past can influence how you feel at a specific moment.

Now what if you had a horrible exam in few days and you weren't sure how you should prepare yourself for it, won't your mood be affected as well? Yes because your future expectations also affect your feelings at a specific moment.

These facts can lead us to another very important fact about happiness which is that you don't have to have everything that you want in order to be happy but you just need to have hope in order to feel good. In other words, you can be very happy driving an old car if you believed that in the near future you will get a better one (provided that getting a good car is on the top of your goals list).

Why building self confidence can help you end depression

Now what if you never believed the future is going to be better?
And what if you believed you will be stuck where you are?

Certainly you are going to feel really bad. But what if a better future was one of your core needs? What if you really wanted to have a better life yet believed that you will never have it?

As you might have already guessed you will get depressed. One of the very common reasons for depression is believing that you are stuck where you are and that there is no hope in getting out.

But where does such a feeling of being stuck comes from?
It comes from your beliefs about the future or in other words it comes from your beliefs about your ability to bring a better future. Yes we are talking about self confidence here!

Confident people are the ones who are sure of their skills and abilities. A confident person is very likely to feel good before an important upcoming future event because he is sure that he will perform well at it.

When a person loses faith in his abilities and skills he usually loses hope because of believing that he can't improve his life and as a result depression happens. (see also 7 life mistakes that can cause depression)

Negative thoughts can turn into depression

Depression of course doesn't happen all of a sudden but it happens in stages. In the beginning the person starts thinking negatively and creating negative future scenarios in his head. After some time and many negative thoughts some negative beliefs are formed.

As the negative thoughts keep repeating themselves the beliefs become stronger until they become facts and this is where depression happens. And as you might have already noticed one of the main sources of these negative thoughts is low self esteem. This is why building self esteem can certainly help ease depression if not end it.

Once you believe that a better future lies ahead you will start to experience motivation and happiness even if you had none of things you wanted in life.

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