How accurate is face reading

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How accurate is face reading

I sometimes get emails from people who wonder whether face reading is accurate or not. I also get many questions from people who ask about scientific basis for face reading. In this article i will explain why face reading works and also explain why sometimes the results you get might not be accurate.

The main concept of face reading is very simple, it states that each facial feature is connected to a certain personality trait and that the presence of a certain facial feature can be an indication that this related personality trait is also present.

For example one of the popular examples in face reading are the V-shaped brows which reflect that person's desire to struggle for power and influence.

But does this mean that every person with v-shaped brows will do his best to get up in ranks?
This is exactly what i will explain in that article.

Males with high Testosterone and masculine faces

Testosterone is the male hormone which is somehow connected to aggression. Testosterone can make males more aggressive, competitive and confident. When a male gets subjected to high Testosterone levels in the womb during his early development his facial features change.

Males with high testosterone can have big jaws, thick brows, large noses, protruding cheek bones and angry looking faces. Now does this mean that each and every male with those facial features will be competitive, confident and aggressive?

The short answer is not always because there is another factor that wasn't taken into consideration which is the effect of the environment environment. A male with high testosterone could be raised in an environment that makes him much less confident than another male with lowers levels of Testosterone. See does having low levels of testosterone make you less of a man.

In other words this male should have been confident and competitive but the way he was raised could have forced him to become a totally different person.

Now does this mean that Face reading was wrong?
Simply no but it just means that face reading will usually be right unless the environment have affected that person in a way that goes against his original nature. See also The hidden causes behind odd human behaviour.

How to make face reading more accurate

In most cases face reading gives accurate results. From my experience i noticed something like 70% correlation between facial features and personality but of course in some cases the environment a person got subjected to could change the results.

For example males with high levels of Testosterone should be brave and have more courage than average males but due to their upbringing some of them actually lack courage.

This is why i recommended looking for more than one facial feature to confirm the presence of a certain personality trait instead of just making hasty decisions.

When you do so the accuracy of face reading can go up to 90%. Yes in some cases there can be errors but they will be minimal. Now if you want 100% reassurance just monitor that person's behaviour for a short while and see if anything he does confirms some of your findings.

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