How long can you abstain from masturbation

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

False beliefs about masturbation

For how long can a person abstain from sex and masturbation?
So many people who try to quit porn and masturbation usually ask that question. Now before answering that question we need to examine the belief or the set of beliefs that led to that question in the first place.

Most people who ask that question have few false beliefs about their bodies such as:

  • 1) Sexual frustration builds up day by day
  • 2) Sexual force needs to be released
  • 3) If i don't masturbate my sexual frustration will increase

of course additional beliefs can lead to the same question but in most cases those beliefs will be very similar to the ones above.

I spoke previously about false beliefs in many of my articles and i explained that they can be the number one reason a person can't break a certain habit.

The society, the people around you, your friends and even some internet articles might have mistakenly convinced you that sexual force is stored in some kind of a gauge and that this gauge must be emptied when it gets full.

This is not just a false belief but its actually the opposite of what happens in real life. In my article Why masturbation will never help you release sexual frustration i explained how masturbation can actually increase your sexual frustration as it can motivate you to have real sex where as you don't have a chance.

Sexual desire goes up and down

Try to record your sexual desire on any given day and give it a number from 1 to 10 based on the strength of the desire. Now keep doing this for days without watching porn or masturbating and you will realize that your sexual desire fluctuates widely. See Watching porn increases sexual frustration

On one day you might find your desire level 9 or 10 then on another day you might find it 1 or 2.
Do you know what does this mean?

It means that there is no gauge that gets filled but it's more of different states that you go through on different days.

In the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that once you masturbate or watch porn you create a strong association in your brain between porn and pleasure and as a result you will feel more like doing those bad habits.

In other words masturbation is the thing that causes the real frustration and not abstaining. There are so many people who abstained for years with no problems at all but the reason this urban myth about sexual frustration is so popular is that those people are the minority.

You can go as long as you want

Your body knows exactly what's right for you and this is why it regulates your body chemicals when you go to sleep. When your body realizes that you need to get rid of some sexual energy it will use dreams or wet dreams to regulate the matter without your intervention.

In other words your body was designed to have no problems with long term abstinence and the reason you find it very hard to quit are the wrong set of beliefs you acquired about that matter.

In short you can go on for years and years without doing any sexual activity and you will be perfectly healthy.

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