How sound can affect your dreams

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can sounds affect a dream?

So many experiments were done to determine whether external environmental factors can affect dreams or not. Most of these experiments lead to the conclusion that external factors such as lightening, noise and smell can affect a dream to a certain extent.

In some experiments lighting was changed while people were sleeping then they were asked to tell the dreams they saw. The interesting finding here is that not all people saw the same dreams in spite of the fact that the external conditions did affect the dreams of some of them.

For example two people can hear the sound of a barking Dog while sleeping then one of them sees a related dream while the other sees a totally irrelevant one.

The question here isn't whether the external environment affects the dreams or not but it's how the external envrioment interacts with the dreamer's mind to produce a certain dream?

How sound can affect your dreams

There are many theories that attempt to explain dreams and many of them agree on the fact that dreams are strongly connected to a person's personality. Dreams are like personality traits, they are unique to each person and can give deep insights on his thoughts and beliefs.

This is why when we mix an external factor with the unconscious thoughts of two different people we get two different dreams. In fact, even if the same person was subjected to the same external factors in two different days he can have totally different dreams. (see also what dreams really are)

For example, if you heard the sound of a barking Dog then you might see a friendly dog in your dream but if for any reason you went to bed feeling afraid or worried then the sound of the dog might result in a dream about a hungry predator that wants to eat you.

We do experience emotions while we are asleep and those emotions greatly affect the dreams we have during the night. If you went to bed feeling really happy then someone turned the lights on while you were sleeping then you might see yourself lying on the beach in the sun.

Now if you went to bed feeling extremely anxious because of a financial problem you are facing then someone turned on the lights you might dream that your house is burning.

How to have Good dreams?

I know this might sound like a hard advice but you need to make sure you don't go to bed without having a peaceful mind. Of course life is full of unpleasant events and for that i am not asking you to try to sleep when you feel happy but i am only asking you to settle things before going to bed if you care about having good dreams.

In my other article How to have good dreams i gave some important advice ,related to dealing with your personal problems, that can help you have good dreams. Make sure you check it.

The final important note here is that you should make sure you sleep in a very suitable environment. Don't attempt to sleep in a noisy place, don't keep the TV on and make sure your room is cave dark. While this is not a guarantee that you will have great dreams still it's one very important step towards that goal.

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