What does it mean when you dream about snakes

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

There are no universal symbols in dream interpretation

Do you know that some people raise snakes at home?
What if one of those people saw a snake in his dream?
Will it have the same meaning if someone else who fears snakes saw them in a dream?

Of course no and the reason i began with this introduction is to remind you of the fact that the symbols you see in dreams don't have universal meanings but their meanings depend on your beliefs about the objects you saw in the dream. (see also What dreams really are)

If a priest saw a snake in a dream then certainly this dream will have a different meaning than if a normal person saw a snake in another dream. The reason this happens is because each of those people might have totally different beliefs about snakes (see Dream interpretation tips)

Seeing a snake in your dream

If you are like most people who hate snakes or fear them then certainly seeing a snake in your dream is a representation of something going wrong in your life. In order to best be able to find out what the dream means you need to take notes of two important things.

1- What was the snake doing?
2- How were you feeling inside the dream?

  • 1) Was the snake running after you?: If the snake was running after you and you were scared then this means that a big life problem is troubling you and that you can't solve it
  • 2) Was the snake biting you?: If the snake was biting you then this means that something went wrong in your life and hurt you. You might see such a dream if someone abused you emotionally or physically (of course this is just an example to help you understand how dreams are interpreted)
  • 3) Were you beating the snake? Were you resisting the snake? or even beating it? such dreams usually reflect the fact that you are fighting your life problems and standing your ground well

What about other dreams?

The key to interpreting dreams is to find out the connection between the objects you saw in your dreams and what's going on in your real life. your mind doesn't stop thinking even when you are asleep but during your sleep your mind thinks in a different way (using symbols) and that's why you see things that you don't understand in dreams. (see also why do people show up in your dreams)

In order to understand your dreams you need to find out what was your subconscious mind referring to when it sent you those symbols. Think of dreams as a message written and decoded in a special way. Once you find out the code of the message you will be able to read it and understand clearly.

The key to finding that code is finding the beliefs you hold about those objects or people you saw in your dream.

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