How the availability of options can make finding a life partner hard

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The problem of having many choices

Yesterday i was bored at home. It was a Tuesday, most of my friends weren't available and there were no actives going around so i decided to watch a horror movie to get some adrenaline. See why do some people like horror movies.

I started searching Google for the top horror movies and i found a huge list. Whenever a movie appealed to me i typed its name in Youtube to watch the trailer.

I spent a lot of time watching trailers but hardly anything was satisfactory to me. I wondered why i can't just go for any movie that seems good and i realized that because i had so many options i always believed that i can find something better. (I Can do better)

Does this sound familiar?
In fact what happened to me yesterday isn't by any means different than what happens to all of us when we think about mate selection. The more options we have the more likely we are to keep looking for the best one.

In a previous article i have said that making decisions becomes harder when the options are increased and yes the same goes for relationships.

Ever wondered why Tinder dates are usually fickle?
Because most people know that with a swipe of a finger they can get to meet a totally different partner.

How the availability of options can make finding a life partner hard

So back to my movies. I ended up with two movies that seemed fine but i was still not that satisfied with any of them. I decided to watch a part of every movie to see which one is better (Dating two people in the same time?)

And then i remembered how life was before the internet. Whenever a new movie was available in theaters i used to beg my mom to take me there and i always happened to like the movie.

When the options are limited we tend to like the things we have a lot. Remember how it felt like to play Snake on your old mobile phone?

Now you have the option to choose from thousands of games yet you still feel bored because you have a plenty of supply of everything.

In the end i decided to watch a movie called Frozen , not the Disney one, but i couldn't find a link to watch it. Suddenly and instantly i felt more like wanting to see that movie because i was unable to (Hard to get?).

When i finally found the link i started watching the movie and thankfully i enjoyed it.

So what's the soloution?

It became very clear to me that the more options we have the less satisfied we become with our lives and the reason is simple, as long as we believe that we can get something better we can hardly like what we have.

Now with the new apps that got introduced that changed the dating world finding a satisfying partner became a hard task. Even if you don't use such apps and still have so many options you might find it very hard to settle for someone.

This is also another reason why very attractive people can remain single. It might be just the fact that they can't make up their minds as they have many options to choose from.

So what's the soloution to that problem in such a crowded world?
The simple answer is: knowing what you want exactly. When i narrowed the search yesterday to look for survival horror movies that were produced in between 2008 and 2015 i managed to find what i am looking for faster.

Understand your love map, know what you want exactly and you wont have a problem finding a life partner.

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