How to achieve instant happiness

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is happiness?

I talked about happiness in many of my previous articles and i explained how the path for happiness differs from one person to another. While some things might make Sam happy the same things won't necessary make Tom happy.

Even though the happiness code differs from one person to another still there is one universal factor that affects the happiness level of all people which is the unsolved problems.

Each person has his own different needs and goals. If a person faced a problem that prevented him from reaching one of those important needs or goals then he will feel unhappy. Even worse if no actions were taken to solve that problem or if that person tried to distract himself from it then serious bad moods might happen.

Now the important question is: why do people allow their problems to accumulate instead of trying to solve them?
Here are some possible answers:

  • Some people try to escape from their problems or deny their existence
  • Some others got used to living with their problems that they never try to solve them
  • Some people never react in a timely manner and always move late

All of those kinds of people usually experience unhappiness and sometimes depression. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression can happen as a result of the accumulation of many unsolved problems. Each unsolved problem can add to the bad mood of a person until depression happens.

How to achieve instant happiness

Problems happen all the time and they usually happen while we are too busy to handle them. Now the problem here is that when a new issue happens while we are already busy we usually ignore it and thus its added to the pile of the already existing problems.

The first step to achieve instant happiness is to have a text file or a piece of paper where you can write the title of a new problem as soon as it happens. Here is why this works:

When you note down a problem as soon as it happens your unconscious mind will understand that you plan to deal with it later and so it won't make you feel very bad. In addition the act of writing down the problem ensures that you aren't going to ignore it. (see also Why you should write down your thoughts)

The next thing you need to do is to check your problems file as soon as you have time and decide on an action plan that can help you solve those problems. Once you decided on the action plan the third step is to write the To do list in the same paper.

The to do list has two goals. The first is allowing you to turn your problems into action plans so that you solve them and the second is letting your subconscious mind realize that you are serious about fixing your life. (see also Why your subconscious mind is refusing to obey you)

Small pebbles become mountains

You might assume that one or two small problems won't cause a serious harm but the truth is that as those small problems keep accumulating in the back of your mind your happiness levels and your over all satisfaction with life will get reduced a great deal.

Happiness can hardly happen when there is a serious unsolved problem left without an action plan. Sooner or later your subconscious mind will try to remind you of the problems you are ignoring in a way or another.

In the Super powers course i said that once the subconscious mind realizes that problems are not being taken care of it responds with bad moods, mood swings, bad dreams, nightmares and even panic attacks to motivate you to take actions.

If you want to achieve happiness then you need to move fast.
And if you can't do that then at least you have to move.

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