Why you should write down your thoughts

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What thoughts to write?

Have you ever wrote down your thoughts?
I am not talking about the plans you have for the future or your goals but am rather talking about the thoughts you get while thinking of a problem or an important matter.

But why would someone spend some of his time writing down his own thoughts? Does it make any sense?

Writing down your thoughts won't just help you find better solutions for your problems but it will also help you feel way better even if you didn't solve those problems!

So why does writing your thoughts has such an effect?

Why you should write down your thoughts

  • 1) Suppressed emotions and expressive therapy: In my previous articles i said that at any point of time the accumulation of so many different emotions affects your resultant mood. When you write down your thoughts you actually unload some of the stored suppressed emotions and as a result you will instantly feel better. One of the forms of therapy is called expressive therapy which allows people to vent some of their stored emotions to feel better. Writing down your thoughts is one of the forms of expressive therapy
  • 2) Controlling your wild mind: Ever tried to think about something then ended up thinking about something else? Your mind can be really wild sometimes and can prevent you from staying focused on the important point you are trying to think about. Now when you write down your thoughts you won't just feel better but you will also be preventing your mind from being distracted with other unwanted thoughts
  • 3) Making the problem appear smaller: When you write down your thoughts your subconscious mind starts to believe that the problem is smaller that its really is. The act of writing down your problems makes the mind think that they are just few lines on a paper and not a catastrophic issue.

When should you write down your thoughts?

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that if suppressed emotions were left to accumulate they will lead to depression after they reach a certain level.

Now there is an important question, when should you write down your thoughts? after all It wont make any sense to write down your thoughts each time you think about an important issue.

Here is the answer, when a problem really troubles you start writing it down for if you didn't your emotions might accumulate then after sometime you might end up feeling really bad.

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