How to command your mind to stop unwanted emotions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can emotions be controlled?

Can a person control his emotions?
Can someone command his mind to stop a certain emotion?

The good news i have for you is that , to a certain extent, this can happen. Note that i am not going to talk about complex long term emotions such as depression but instead i am going to discuss the instant unwanted emotions that we experience all of a sudden such as stress, anxiety and worrying.

In order to know how emotions can be controlled you first need to understand how they happen. Lets suppose you felt anxious as soon as you saw a group of strangers. Do you know what actually happened inside your mind before you felt anxious?

What happened inside your mind is that your vision sent a signal to your brain showing it the people standing in front of you. Your brain compared the pictures of those people to similar ones in your memory and as a result decided that those people might disapprove you and that's why you felt anxious.

In other words there a process that happened before the emotions fired and if you found a way to control that process then certainly you will be able to stop the bad emotions before they happen.

How to command your mind to stop unwanted emotions

There are two things that can lead to bad emotions as soon as we encounter a situation:

  • 1) Our negative unconscious self talk: Your self-talk can happen too fast that you don't consciously become aware of it. If this self talk was negative then it can certainly result in a negative change in emotions
  • 2) Our experience database: Just like i said in the first example in the beginning of this article your experience database can result in firing the wrong signal and in making you experience bad emotions. This experience database was formed because of the past self talk that took place inside your mind. However, in this case the negative self talk became more of a habit that fires when you experience certain situations

Did you make any conclusions yet?
In the Solid Self confidence program i said that by consciously intervening in the middle of this self talk you can actually stop many of the unwanted emotions before they happen.

The reason so many people fail to do so is that their self talk became an automatic process that they almost have no control over. This is why the first thing you need to do in order to become able to control your emotions is to monitor your self talk.

How to change your emotions through your self talk

As you keep monitoring your self talk for some time you will start to become more aware of it. In other words you would be taking your self talk back again from the subconscious mind and pushing it to your conscious mind so that you could analyze it.

Now back to the situation where you felt anxious when you saw the group of strangers. In such a case you can tell your mind that there is no reason to fire that alarm for the fact that those people look like the ones who were mean to you in the past won't necessary mean that those ones will be mean too.

I said earlier that the subconscious mind doesn't think using logic and this is why logical intervention can be very useful in many cases especially when unwanted emotions are triggered because of false signals.

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