How to deal with a psychopath

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Who is a psychopath?

There are many definitions for a psychopath but the one i personally find accurate is the person who attempts to reach his important unconscious goals without caring about anybody else but himself.

In my previous article How to figure out what you want in life i explained briefly the concept of the style of life or the unconscious goals a person develops in his childhood. In short the unconscious goals are some goals a person develops in his childhood then works throughout his life to achieve them.

One of the unconscious goals almost all humans have is the desire to feel powerful and superior. Now a normal person who has a certain degree of social interest will try to achieve that goal without harming others. That person might try to become a famous doctor or a great soccer player and by doing so he would be helping himself and others.

Now what if a person only cared about achieving his goals without caring about others at all? What if he tried to be rich by stealing a pension fund? or what if he tried to feel superior by molesting young and weak children?

Yes, that's the dentition of a psychopath.
The person who tries to achieve his unconscious goals in a way that harms others.

How to spot a psychopath

Contrary to common beliefs psychopaths can be very intelligent and hard to spot. After all what makes that person different is that he doesn't care about anyone but himself and this has nothing to do with intelligence. A psychopath can appear charming, sweet or even friendly.

To spot a psychopath you need to look deep beyond his behavior to examine his degree of social interest. The less the person cares about others the more likely he is to be a psychopath.

In addition to this Psychopaths usually lack courage in one of the major life areas. Don't mistakenly think that courage has anything to do with a strength. A psychopath can be a famous boxer yet he might have no courage when it comes to facing some life problems. Yes we all feel afraid when we face tough life problems but a psychopath is likely to take the easy path that could lead him to victory just because he is afraid to take the hard path.

Instead of working hard and becoming a well recognized employee a psychopath can chose to dominate a weak person just to feel superior and important. In other words lack of courage plus lack of social interest are among the powerful signs you should be looking for.

There is one trait that could prevent a person from ever becoming a psychopath which is empathy. If a person has empathy for others in general (and not a certain group of people) then he can hardly ever become a psychopath. The reason i said empathy for people in general is that some psychopaths can have empathy for a certain group of people (for example old women) because that group reminds him of a guilt complex he developed earlier in life. (see also Empathy psychology)

How to deal with a Psychopath

The best self defense is self understanding. Psychopaths are usually smart and manipulative. They will find your push buttons then push them in order to manipulate you. The only thing that can save you is being conscious of those manipulation attempts.

When you have a solid level of self understanding it becomes very hard for any person, even a psychopath, to manipulate you or to exploit your weakness. You also need to develop some extraordinary people reading skills such a Face Reading, Advanced personality analysis and the ability to extract personality traits from small actions. Luckily In the Super powers course i explained in details how you can do all that.

It would be nonsense if a told you that a psychopath lies often or that he is impulsive because any normal person can have those traits. That's why you need to take a deeper look beyond those superficial signs and understand the exact intention behind a psychopath's behavior.

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