How to deal with people who try to manipulate you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The psychopaths in our lives

Life has good and bad people.
While some people would hardly try to harm anybody on intention some others would try to exploit people's weaknesses in order to reach their own goals.

A psychopath might try to find your weak points in order to take over you completely using them.
A player might find that you need attention or love then use those needs against you to lure you.
A bad boss might find that criticism hurts you much then use it to force you to do what he wants.

People who try to manipulate others come disguised in different forms. A person might try to seem like a loving friend or someone who wants to help only to get close to you and know about your weaknesses so that he can exploit them.

How to deal with people who try to manipulate you

So how can you deal with those people?
And how to prevent them from manipulating you or ruining your life?

The biggest mistake you can do is building walls around yourself, isolating yourself from people and only talking to few ones that you trust. While those actions will certainly keep the wrong people away they are also guaranteed to keep so many good people away. Your social life will degrade, you will become lonely and more over you will lose your courage.

Here is the right way to deal with those who try to manipulate you:

  • 1) Learn how to read people: No i am not talking about body language but i am talking about the ability to understand the different intentions of people. In order to do so you need to educate yourself about human psychology and luckily 2knowmyself has all the information you need. Here is a good article to start with.
  • 2) Don't open up except to the right people: After a person passes certain tests and after you make sure he is a good person you can share your emotions, concerns and even vulnerabilities with him. Don't give your keys to a stranger for he might be a psychopath.
  • 3) Cut the connection with the wrong people: So you discovered that someone has bad intentions? Cut the connections with that person immediately. Don't over do it, just find an appropriate way to avoid him instead of stating it directly
  • 4) Let the person know you know about his intentions: If it was hard to push the person away because you work with him for example then let him know that you know about his intentions. By just making an unclear remark about his behavior that person might start to believe that you understood his intentions and he might immediately back off. While this method can be very effective i strongly recommend you only do it when you have no other options (see also Why people behave the way they do)

Fix your own flaws

The reason someone successfully manged to manipulate you is that you have certain flaws that can be used against you. Instead of closing the door to new social relations work on fixing your own flaws so that they can't be used against you. Even if they can't be eliminated for good you can still become more emotionally intelligent and consciously take the right decisions instead of letting your emotions take over you.

If for example criticism hurts you so much then you need to find out why you are that vulnerable and work on eliminating that vulnerability. While doing so you need to become more emotionally intelligent so that you realize right away the manipulation attempt and so become more able to respond without letting your emotions take over you.

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