How to find your true self?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Who am I ?

Greg works as a manager in a big bank. In the morning he appears to be the competent manager who runs the whole department , In the after noon his friends see him as the close friend who shares with them the funny moments, in the night his wife sees him as her husband and while playing with his children they see him as the small child who acts like babies. But who Greg really is?

In our lives we have lots of different identities that appear according to the situation we are in. Sometimes you may find yourself the fully motivated and optimistic person when talking about your future plans and at other times you may find yourself that broken person who barley knows how to talk.

Who is the real you?? And what is your true identity? Are you a loser or a winner? Are you that confident person or are you that shy person who fears social interactions??

We have multiple identities

With every identity we experience we find ourselves acting in a different way. Sometimes we can even have conflicting identities like when we find ourselves strong one day then weak the next day.

Your journey for finding your true self should be a journey for finding the identity that you are passionate about the most. What kind of person would you love to be? What identity makes your heart beat fast when you remember it? Who is that role model you want to become like?

Being broken, being a loser or being anything else that you don’t like doesn’t mean that this is your identity but it simply means that you haven’t found your true self yet.

We are born with no information about this world, we don’t even have an identity at the time we are born but as we grow up we tend to fall in love with a certain identity even if we didn't manage to achieve it.

Think of the shy person who wants to be assertive and confident, what do you think his true self is? Is he a shy and socially withdrawn person? No he isn’t, because he hates it and he wasn’t born with it. He just learned to be shy as he progressed in his life but his real identity is being a confident and strong simply because this is what he is passionate about.

How to find your true self?

Your true self is the person you are passionate about the most. Your true self is the identity that makes you smile when you remember it and that makes you feel happy.

Once you determine your true identity its time to move towards it. Yes you will still be a friend, a child , a lover but deep inside you your true identity will be the one you are passionate about.

Beware of the external programming

The media may have programmed you to love superman, James bond or Achilles but this programming is just a false input that you kept receiving since you were a child.

The same goes for peer pressure, expectations from everyone around you and the pressure that comes from your society. all of these external sources want to assign you an identity that doesn’t suit you.

Its very important that you listen to your soul and inner voice instead of being distracted by the external sources that will only move you away from finding your true self.

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