Why do you sometimes think there is a ghost behind you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

There is a ghost behind you

Had you ever felt the presence of a ghost around you?
Were you ever sitting in front of your computer then suddenly felt that there is something behind you?
Ever had to look to your side to make sure that you are still alone in the room?

I am pretty sure you have experienced those moments before and i am also pretty sure you experienced them at night. During the night , especially late night, your conscious filters start weakening.

Do you know that high feeling you sometimes get while staying up late at night?
That's an indication that your conscious mind is becoming less active while your subconscious mind is becoming more powerful.

As the subconscious mind gets stronger and stronger it might start to project some of the things inside it to your outside world.

Your room is still the same room, your house is still the same house yet your subconscious mind is projecting different things around you because it's full of them. In short, those ghosts are coming from within and not from the outside world.

How your mind objectifies your fears

But the interesting question here is : why do you think of ghosts?
Why don't you think of fairies flying all around or sense the presence of cartoon characters?

The short answer is: Your subconscious mind is truly afraid.
No don't get it wrong. Your subconscious mind isn't afraid of ghosts but it's afraid of life. It could be afraid of the bullies you are going to meet the next day, it could afraid of the exam you will have to take soon or it could be afraid of life in general. See also why pampered children fear ghosts when they grow up.

Because those fears and anxieties are usually unbearable they have to be released in a certain way. In my previous article This is where the ghosts in your house come from i said that your mind tries to make those fears more tolerable by objectifying them or turning them into objects.

That ghost you think is behind you might be nothing more than your fear of the future. That ghost you think is beside you might be nothing more than your fear of losing control.

You created your own ghosts

The more powerful the subconscious mind gets the more vivid will those ghosts become. This is why you might dream about ghosts when you sleep. During your sleep your subconscious mind takes control over everything and as a result everything inside it can show in the form of dreams. See why do we have nightmares.

Imagine you had a closed can with rotten food, what do you think will happen if you opened the can in the room?
The bad smell will diffuse everywhere. This is exactly what happens when your subconscious mind starts getting stronger. The lid is slowly opened and whatever inside your subconscious mind gets diffused in your surroundings.

There are no ghosts behind you.
You are just too anxious or too afraid of life itself.
And this is why your own ghosts are lingering around you.

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