I need to see a psychiatrist

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I need to see a psychiatrist

"He is feeling sad since a long time but he never asked himself why is he feeling so
Every few months he feels happy for few moments but then he returns back to his misery
He thinks that this is how life should be like because he got used to pain"

Most of the pain we experience in our lives is related to psychological problems and even some of the physical disorders that people suffer from are caused by psychological reasons.

Everyone wants to be happy and to avoid pain but the way they ignore their emotional problems is the main reason they stay unhappy.

If you think that you need to see a psychiatrist then you might be already on your way to discover the importance of dealing with emotional pain however there are some facts that you might not be aware of that I am going to tell you about in this article.

What emotional pain can do

  • You feel tired because of emotions: Working for 12 hours without stress will cause much less fatigue than working for thirty minutes under stress, see Feeling tired all the time
  • 75% of illnesses are caused by psychological factors!!: Recent research indicates that 75% of the physical illnesses we get are caused by bad emotions!! (see Why do we get sick)

    Emotions are messages, more messages = more pain: The more you ignore your emotional problems the more your subconscious mind will send you bad emotions so that you respond to them. Leave your emotional problems unresolved and you will keep getting messages from your subconscious mind in the form of pain (see Why do we feel bad)

    Time never heals, it only makes problems grow bigger: Contrary to common beliefs emotional problems grow as they are left. Time only heals when you take actions to solve the problems as time passes. (See does time really heal wounds?)

    Happiness is the absence of bad emotions: if you feel guilty, stressed, anxious, afraid, irritated, angry or if you are experiencing any bad feeling then you won’t be able to experience happiness. Happiness can only be found when unwanted emotions are dealt with

I believe you now know the importance of seeing a psychiatrist or at least reading self help material.

When you should see a psychiatrist

If the emotional problems you are suffering from are preventing you from living a happy life and are standing in the way of living a normal life then you must see a psychiatrist or at least seek help.

The mistake most of people do is that they think about seeing a psychiatrist after they are completely down and depressed. The earlier you do it the better results you will get and the happier you will feel.

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