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By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Newsfeeds That make you Feel bad

If you have been following my articles about cyber psychology lately you might have noticed that i wrote a lot recently about the psychological effects of checking a newsfeed that is not categorized.

In my article why checking Facebook can make you feel bad I said that you don't even need negative posts to feel bad but you just need to come across a normal post while you are not in the mood to see it. Sushi pictures, people who got engaged, political debates and all other neutral topics can ruin your mood in case you came across them in the wrong time.

Based on these facts it turns out that there is no way you would be able to control your mood if you opened the newsfeed of any social network that doesn't categorize posts. (see also Why a Random newsfeed is bad for your mental health)

In other words, if you feel like seeing politics you should be able to filter the feed to only see political topics while if you feel like laughing then you need to be able to filter the newsfeed to only see jokes.

Optimistnet The First social network for positivity

Are you sick of the negativity you come across in social networks?
Ever checked your newsfeed hoping to find something positive but only found the opposite?

When was the last time the negative posts in a social network made you feel bad?
if you have been suffering from negative posts then here is the solution to all of these problems: optimistnet the first social network for positive posts only!!

After finding an intense need to have a clean newsfeed i started working on that idea and i am happy to say that its almost complete.

At the time of writing this article the site is online but with no graphics or css. All functions are working so you can help me by testing it but don't just the graphics now.

Join optimistnet today

Even though the design is till not complete i would be thankful if you joined optimistnet today and made one or two positive posts.

Imagine a newsfeed that only contains positive stuff!
Imagine a newsfeed that lifts you up!
Imagine a newsfeed that doesn't have anything negative!
How would it make you feel like? How will it affect your mood?

This is exactly the vision i have for optimistnet, a newsfeed that lifts you up and doesn't make you feel bad. Once you login there follow me and i will follow you back.

When the design is complete and the graphics are in place you can also help by telling your friends and relatives. Thanks for your support: )

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