How to change the way i look without plastic surgery

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to Change the Way I Look

Wanting to change the way you look even if people tell you that you look good may mean that you have a poor self image and not necessary bad looks.

If your self image is distorted, which is the mental picture you have for yourself in your mind, you may think that you are ugly even if you are not.

Fortunately there are lots of ways to fix this mental self image and as soon as you apply them successfully you will feel that you changed your looks even if you still look the same.

The self image problem prevents the person from seeing his real looks and instead forces him to see a distorted picture of himself that he acquired over time as a result of the criticism he got and the poor past experiences he went through.

What if I am Really Looking Ugly

I don’t want you to prejudge your looks before examining your mental self image first. However, if you still insist on changing the way you look, you will find a link below for an article that can help you in changing your looks using natural ways and without surgery.

Put in mind that if you want to change the way you look in order to become more confident then this might not work.

Confident people are confident even if they don’t look like models while people who lack confidence don't like their looks even if they look gorgeous. So changing the way you look may not be the magical solution to your self confidence problem but instead, building your self confidence is the right thing you must do. (see self confidence and inner self worth for more information on this topic)

Self image and self confidence

Many plastic surgeons noticed that some people feel really disappointed after the surgery because of thinking that the surgeon didn't change anything while in fact its their poor mental image that prevented them from seeing the change that happened!

So even if you changed your looks through a surgery you might not experience any improvement in your self confidence unless you fix your poor self image.

Now that you are aware of these facts here are the guides that will help you in changing both your mental self image and the way you look, good luck

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