7 Reasons you should date a man who is older than you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is older always better?

Age has nothing to do with a successful relationship. Couples can be of any age and have a healthy relationship. However in some cases an older man can have significant advantages over other men provided that everything else is constant.

This doesn't mean that you should go hunting for an older man but it just means that you should never be intimidated by big age differences since it sometimes comes with many other advantages.

1- He comes from the future

Wouldn't it be great if you found someone who can help you deal with the future problems you are going to face? An older man can help you navigate through many of the problems you are going to face simply because has been through them before.

2- He is more mature

Generally women mature faster than men. In other words a woman can be more mature than a man of the same age. Now the last thing you want is to be with a child who looks like a grown up. Mature men take better decisions, are easier to handle and are more able to sustain a relationship.

3- Well established

Though it's not a rule but generally the older the man the more self established he is likely to be. Such a man will also be more able to give career advice, help you find the right path in life and assist you in setting the right career goals.

4- You will learn a lot

As people grow older they become more experienced. If the man you are dating is smart and older than you then make sure he has a lot to tell you about life. Many of the life lessons you were going to learn the hard way might be offered to you the easy way just because your man has been through a lot.

5- More psychologically stable

Generally the more intelligent the person is the more psychologically stable he becomes as he grows up. As a man gets older he becomes more secure and more aware of the way his mind works. This leads to a much stable relationship.

6- You will get to meet interesting people

When you be with a man of an older age you will get to meet his friends at some point. Not only you will get a lot of experience by being with someone who is older and wiser but you will also get in contact with more and more experienced people.

7- More attractive

Generally women find men who are few years older more attractive than men of their same age. It's not just about physical attraction. The wiser the man and the more experienced he is the more attractive he will seem.

The right time for marriage

The right time for marriage has nothing to do with age but it's all about finding the right person. If you found the right person then this is your right time.

If you compared yourself to your friends and took a decision that is solely based on peer pressure you are very likely to get into a relationship with the wrong person.

Yes an older man might have some advantages but don't go for a relationship before you make sure that you found the right person.

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