How to deal with life problems

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to deal with life problems

How to deal with life problems?
For years i have been studying people in order to determine why some of them are strong and why some of them are really weak. I was always wondering why the same life problems can break someone apart yet fail to annoy another person.

Why do some people find it really easy to deal with life problems and why do others become desperate, helpless and depressed when they encounter them?

After years of research i came up with a formula that can certainly help you deal with life problems if you followed it well.

This is how to deal with life problems

So how can you deal with life problems?
I found that people become strong, resilient and persistent in the face of life problems when they do the following:

  • 1) Think forward: When you become obsessed with the past you imprison yourself in negative thoughts that would never allow you to move forward. If two people lost their money and one of them started to think in terms of the past he will only find himself blaming others while if the other person thought about the future he will only be concerned about finding solutions for the problem. If you want to deal with life problems in a good way then think forward and stop being attached to the past
  • 2) They understand the law of cause and effect In my article Why can't i achieve my goals i said that if you kept doing the same actions you do everyday you will keep getting the same results you always get. If you want to deal with life problems then you have to be conscious of the fact that routine solutions will always bring routine outcomes. Dare to do something that you never did before and you will get results that you have never got before
  • 3) Weak attachment: People who deal with life problems perfectly are the ones who don't get attached strongly to what they have. Some people break down when they lose something because they were so attached to it while others move on and fight to get something better than that they lost. People become attached to things when they believe that they can hardly replace them and that's one kind of weakness(see Emotional attachment)
  • 4) They think long term: Some people panic when a short term problem happens and as a result they never manage to deal with life problems properly. Powerful people on the other hand think long term. They don't care about daily results as long as they are following a long term plan

Dealing with life problems and being stuck

Some people fail to deal with life problems and become stuck doing useless stuff in order to escape the responsibility.

Procrastinators are the perfect example of people who didn't mange to deal with life problems and so chose to remain stuck their place.

People who hesitate are also the same as procrastinators. Hesitation is nothing more than the behaviour a person who is afraid to deal with life problems uses in order to remain in his comfort zone.

That's where point number 5 comes into play. If you want to deal with life problems then you must be really brave to stop hesitation, procrastination and self deception.

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