Striving for perfection psychology

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Striving for perfection psychology

Why do people strive for perfection?
Why would someone want to always be the first?

According to psychology people move in the direction that is opposite to the direction they want to avoid the the most. This means that the person who strives for perfection usually does it because he is not feeling perfect.

Its quite acceptable to feel inferior to other people in certain situations because that will always motivate you to be better however when striving for perfection becomes an obsession then this means that a bigger psychological problem is present.

In this article i will tell you about the psychology of striving for perfection.

Ways of Striving for perfections

I said before that a man who doubts his masculinity or who feels weak will do his best to be a perfect man. This man might become aggressive, he might become addicted to working out or he might start practicing martial arts to feel stronger.

The psychology of people who strive for perfection is easy to understand. You just need to look at the direction they are running towards and you will have a powerful clue about the direction they are running from.

People who strive for perfection do it to hide their own flaws and to escape from being evaluated. After all if they did everything perfectly then they will not give a chance for anyone to evaluate them.

Perfectionists or the people who strive for perfection feel that they are somehow defective and that's why they do their best to prevent people from digging behind them.

Striving for perfection and self confidence

The act of Striving for perfection ruins self confidence. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that perfectionists always become disappointed when they fail to become perfect.

Because those people are after fictitious goals and because they don't want to be normal human beings they always miss their targets and hurt their confidence.

Its OK to try to be the best but if you didn't do something perfectly you should never feel bad else you will turn into a perfectionist.

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