The bad psychological effects of masturbation

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is masturbation OK?

So many people are confused about the effects of masturbation on their health. In many of my previous articles i explained how porn can change a person's brain structure and make him find life less satisfying. Some people think that as long as they are not watching porn while masturbating then they are going to be OK but that's not true.

First of all if a little part of you believes that masturbation is bad then each time you do that habit your self confidence will be ruined. In other words if you are 99% convinced that Masturbation is healthy then this one percent of doubt will lower your self confidence, make you feel guilty and even ruin your mood.

In a previous article called Why Masturbation can ruin your mood i explained how having some doubts about a bad habit can result in an array of bad emotions whenever the habit is done. Each time you will do that habit a part of you will feel weak for not being able to resist.

This part will in turn make you feel less confident if not inferior. How Porn addiction can lead to feelings of inferiority

Masturbation plus visualization is similar to watching porn

A person can hardly masturbate without recalling certain images in their brain. Those images might have the same impact on the brain as porn images.

When a person visualizes something the brain thinks that this thing is happening for real. Now as the person forces his body to release certain chemicals the fantasies that this person imagines get positively reinforced and so he becomes much more likely to think of them again.

As the person gets bored of a certain fantasy he might move on to imagining another and this leads to the same path of perversion watching porn can lead to after sometime. See how watching porn can make you a pervert.

In the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that if a person got a random twisted thought then acted upon it then this thought will get reinforced and become stronger. Many of the twisted sexual desires begin by the strengthening of a twisted thought through masturbation.

So the truth is that people who masturbate still watch porn but they just do it inside their minds instead of using a computer screen.

Altering your body chemicals

Masturbation certainly alters the body chemistry but the bad news is that the mind recognizes that this action was taken because you don't have a sexual partner and as a result you might feel like a loser , on the unconscious level, when you do that.

Now as you keep repeating the habit your self confidence will keep going lower as your mind starts to believe that you have problems with your social life.

In addition to that the chemical changes that take place in your body when you masturbate is different than the chemical changes that take place when you have real sex. This is one reason why masturbation can make a person feel bad and ashamed.

In short masturbation can be very harmful to your psychological state and mental well being.

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