Tips for Dealing with Difficult People

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Tips for Dealing with Difficult People

If you want to know how to deal with difficult people then you must first know who they are.

The term "Difficult people" is a vague term that is usually used when someone fails to deeply understand the person he is dealing with. We always find it easier to call someone a difficult person rather than trying to analyze his personality or trying to find the root cause for his behavior.

When i started getting deeper into psychology i found that each and every behavior that people do, even the ones that appear really odd, are actually present to help the person maintain his psychological balance.

As you read more about personality development, psychological disorders and the way past experiences affect behavior you will hardly call someone a difficult person.

Who are Difficult People?

Difficult people are the people we don’t know how to deal with or in other words those who are difficult for us to deal with. People usually use the term "difficult" with people who are stubborn, arrogant, oversensitive, or those who have any trait that needs a special type of treatment.

Knowing how to deal with those people is crucial to establishing good lasting relationships with them, in my book The ultimate guide to maintaining a healthy relationship i explained how each of these people need special type of treatment in order for you to get along with him. If you didn't give that person the special treatment he needs then you may fail to win him as a friend or as a lover.

How to Deal with Difficult People

Here is how to deal with difficult people:

  • Identify difficult traits: To identify difficult people’s personality traits I suggest using The Personality type theories Guide and The face reading Guide. Both guides can help you in knowing people’s personalities with high accuracy
  • Understand the intention behind their difficult behavior: In order to deal with difficult people you must first understand what makes them difficult. You need to understand the intention behind their difficult behavior. For example a stubborn child is always labeled difficult by his parents however when discovering that his stubbornness is nothing more than an attempt to prevent his over controlling parent from controlling him his stubbornness then makes a lot of sense.
  • Can another behavior replace his difficult behavior?: If a person became a bully just because he needs attention then cant you help him find any other behavior that can help him gain attention in a socially acceptable way?

Here is how to deal with Difficult people according to their different traits

The below Links are going to tell you how to deal with difficult people according to their own specific difficult traits. For example if you found that someone is arrogant then click on the link that leads to the arrogance page so that you know how to deal with that person.

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