Why Romeo was psychologically unstable

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

So many Romeos live among us

Few days ago i started Reading Romeo and Juliet in order to include its summary in my new website Speeli which summarizes content into short lists.

Since i was young i knew that 'Romeo and Juliet' is a love story but i have never managed to get the full details. As soon a i read 2 acts of the novel i realized that Romeo wasn't just a love addict but he was also psychologically unstable.

Had it been about Romeo and that's it i would have not worried since he is a fictional character but the problem is that we have so many Romeos living among us who need serious help.

Let's first analyze Romeo's personality.

Romeo's personality

Romeo was deeply in love with Rosaline that he went into serious depression when she didn't like him back. He stopped eating, going out or seeing people. He started getting suicidal thoughts and didn't have any reason to stay alive. All of this doesn't make Romeo unstable.

After all those are normal symptoms of people who don't know how to recover properly from breakups. Romeo was forced to go a party by one of his friends who wanted to get him out of the mood.

Inside the party Romeo saw Juliet and in a fraction of a second he forgot about Rosaline and fell deeply in love with Juliet. I know this might sound romantic to some people but in fact that's a very popular case of psychological and emotional instability , here is why:

If Romeo really believed that Rosaline was a perfect partner he wouldn't have been able to forget about her in a second but instead he would have forgotten her gradually if he did the right things. But because Romeo was a love addict he just needed someone to love. He didn't really care whether she was Rosaline or Juliet as long as he had someone in his life.

More problems with Romeo

Romeo had serious problems living alone. Staying Single for him would have been like slow death. He had so many false beliefs about love that made recovering from a breakup almost impossible for him , unless he examines those beliefs of course.

In addition to all of this Romeo fell in love as soon as he Saw Juliet. This is not abnormal since most men consider looks the most important thing in a woman but the fact that Romeo went deeply in love as soon as he saw Juliet shows that he is anything but psychologically stable.

Enough with Romeo

So enough with Romeo.
What about you?

Do you fall in love very often? Do you get deeply attached to a person then instantly shift to another person?
Do you know that all of these are serious signs of psychological instability?

Emotionally stable people do experience most of the emotions Romeo experienced but those emotions happen gradually and they also happen when they meet the right people. For Romeo it wasn't really about the right person as much as it was about meeting any person he can share his love with.

Today's advice : Don't be a Romeo.

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