Why are some females bisexual

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The differences between sexual desire for both men and women

According to a recent study around 5% of males identified themselves as gay while 14% of females identified themselves as bisexual (either lesbian or bisexual). You might wonder why women are 3 times more likely to change their sexual orientation or to experience same sex attraction?

The answer is simple: Men get aroused mostly through their sight. A healthy mentally stable man will always find beautiful women attractive and will feel like wanting to approach them. When it comes to men sexual desire works in a very predicable and understandable way.

In my articles Why do some women become lesbians and Why are there gay people i explained how some women can change their original sexual orientation as a result of lack of courage to pursue men or as a result of very early childhood experiences that forced them women to form false beliefs about the man-woman relationship.

This however doesn't explain why some women find both sexes attractive. The explanation lies in the way sexual attraction works for women.

One study have shown that women found men driving exotic cars more attractive than other men of similar physical attractiveness who drive ordinary cars. Because some psychological factors ,such as the hard wired desire for raising healthy children, affect women's sexual desire they found the richer men more attractive.

In other words, sexual desire for women is subject to changes because of so many psychological factors. And while psychological factors do affect males' sexual desire as well still those psychological factors have a much higher impact on women than men. (see also How psychological factors affect sexual desire)

Why are some females bisexual

Because psychological factors contribute greatly to women's sexual desire some women might find both men and women attractive because their minds want to achieve certain important goals. As usual the number of psychological goals are uncountable, differ from a woman to another and cannot all be listed in one article however i will give an some examples to make the concept clear.

A woman who was abused by her father, ignored by her male care giver or severely hurt by a man might start finding both sexes attractive. While this woman never denied her attraction towards males still her subconscious mind uses that strategy to keep her away from males at certain times where she is the most vulnerable. (see The psychology of self deception)

If the woman is too afraid that men will dump her at a certain phase of her life then she might find a female friend attractive just because at this point of time she is too afraid to get into a relationship with a man. During other times when this woman feels like she can give it another try she might find another male friend attractive.

Few notes to make the picture clearer

  • 1) Most people aren't aware of their subconscious goals: Most females won't know that they find other females attractive for psychological reasons. They will just believe they are bisexual (see also How subconscious goals affect people's lives)
  • 2) Subconscious goals can form in very early years Contrary to common beliefs psychological goals do form during the very early years of an infant. This is why some women might believe they were born bisexual
  • 3) Psychological factors have less effect on males' sexual desire: Males are more resistant to such psychological factors and that's why the number of gay men is almost the third of the number of lesbian women

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