4 Reasons you get negative thoughts at night

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do negative thoughts invade our minds?

Why do we get negative thoughts at night?
Why do we get horrible thoughts right after we get inside the bed?
Why don't we get those thoughts in the morning?

I am pretty sure you woke up one day with no significant negative thoughts then when the night came and as soon as you attempted to sleep all the negative thoughts in the world attacked you. Why do we have different thoughts throughout the day?

The first thing you should understand is that negative thoughts are your mind's own way of reminding you of your unsolved problems and of warning you about upcoming dangers. But if that's the case then those thoughts should be around all day, right?

No, sometimes you don't give your brain the chance to warn you.

1- Are you keeping yourself busy?

In my previous article Why keeping yourself busy never works i explained how your brain will always torture you with negative thoughts if you tried to runaway from your problems.

If as soon as you start the day you kept yourself busy not to think about your problems then your mind will find no better soloution to remind you of them than to let them invade your head at night.

2- Are you distracting yourself?

Mots people hate to face their problems and as a result some people try to distract themselves as soon as they get negative thoughts. Playing games, hanging out with friends and even eating are popular methods of distraction that people use to forget about their problems. (see also Why dieting never works)

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that while all of those strategies work fine for short periods of time shortly the brain will rebel and send you horrible negative thoughts to bring you back on track and to prevent you from ever running away from your problems.

3- Let's see what you will do today

The reason your brain might not bother you with negative thoughts in the morning is that it wants to give you a chance to improve your life during the day. Your brain hopes that you do an action to make your life better or to solve your important problems on that day.

But when the day runs out and when your brain finds that you wasted that day without taking any serious steps it has to let you know that you have important problems that you aren't tackling.

4- Those thoughts were already there

Those negative thoughts might have been present in your mind throughout the day but you couldn't hear them because of the noise and distractions that were present.

As soon as you get inside your bed and as soon as everything becomes clam those voices become clearer and they seem like they just arrived even though they were already there.

How to prevent negative thoughts from visiting you at night

In my article The ultimate solution to all of your problems i said that there is only one way to end pain and negative thoughts.

Taking actions.
Doing something.
Trying to solve your own problems.

yes running away might feel good for some time but sooner or later your brain will come back at you with all the power it has and you won't be able to run away this time.

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