Why do i only get attracted to married people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Sarah only likes married men

Sarah, not her real name, has never been in a relationship before and the reason is simple. She only likes married men and never fell in love with a single man. Sarah values ethics and that's why she never tried to approach those men. She believes that it's so wrong to date a married man and that's why she always remained single.

After some time Sarah got really confused and she started seeking help.
I am pretty sure you met someone with this similar problem before. Why do some people only fall for married ones?
Note that i am not talking about people who once fell for a married person but i am talking about those who only fall in love with married ones.

In order to understand what's going on you need to go years back and take a look at Sarah's childhood where the answer to that mystery lies.

Why do i only get attracted to married people

When Sarah was 2 years old she was the only child in the family. She was showered with attention and was getting real good treatment. Suddenly the arrival of a new child to the family, lets call her Jane, changed everything.

As it happens with newborns much of the attention was shifted to Jane. Sarah was suddenly dethroned and felt threatened by her. Jane was doing her best to catch up with Sarah that she learned to speak much faster.

Sarah started feeling Jealous of Jane who was only few steps behind her even though she was 2 years older. There was always intense competition between Jane and Sarah but the later was losing ground. Jane's grades were higher and she seemed much brighter.

During that time Sarah's unconscious mind was devastated by this competition. Sarah was too afraid to lose to her younger sister just like it happened with the earlier attention battle and so her subconscious mind came with a brilliant idea.

Instead of allowing her to compete and lose it will force her out of the competition using a very subtle method. During high school Sarah started getting panic attacks during exams and so she couldn't get good grades.

The Subconscious mind's plan

Sarah's panic attacks were a mystery to everyone who knew her but for her subconscious mind it was the perfect plan to keep her from entering into a competition with Jane. After all if every time she takes an exam she gets a panic attack she can easily blame that disorder for her bad grades.

When they both reached marriage age Jane got engaged but Sarah never did because she only fell in love with married men. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the strategies the subconscious mind uses doesn't change as people grow up.

Since her early years Sarah's subconscious mind chose to escape from competition and the same strategy was used when it came to marriage. By only falling for married men Sarah's subconscious mind made sure she won't compete with Jane in that very important life field.

So how can Sarah end that problem and move on?
She just need to realize what was going on and develop some courage to face life problems.

So does this mean that any person who only falls in love with married people need to build courage?
Of course no, but in many cases lack of courage is the real reason behind such hesitant behavior and the ultimate solution in this case is building self confidence.

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