Why do some people refuse to accept reality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The story of Steve

Steve's childhood dream was to become a famous painter. Since his early years he was passionate about his dream to the extent that he used to paint for 4 hours each day.

When Steve grow up he started taking more practical steps to pursue his dreams. He started submitting his work for review in order to get a chance to show his paintings to the world but he got few rejections.

Steve felt horrible for few days but then took a very strange decision. He decided to focus on the more important thing which is his accounting career and to forget about the painting hobby.

Any person who loses hope in realizing an important dream will experience a dramatic change in mood but because Steve was very smart he started convincing himself that he didn't like painting that much and that real money can only be made through his career.

Why do some people refuse to accept reality

Steve refused to acknowledge the fact that he loved painting and that his ultimate dream was to become a famous painter.

As the time passes Steve sought more excuses to help himself feel better about giving up on that dream. Some of these excuses were "A career is much more important than a hobby, a hobby can lead nowhere these days and i didn't like painting that much after all"

As strange as this story sounds its extremely popular.

How many dreams did you give up on because you believed you can't reach them?
How many times you convinced yourself that you didn't really wanted one of these dreams?
How many times have you came up with excuses just to prevent yourself from feeling bad?

Many people refuse to accept reality and prefer to escape from it because they are too afraid to admit that they gave up on the things they wanted the most.

Does self deception work?

This kind of self deception rarely works. While the conscious min of a person usually accepts the new lies the subconscious mind always responds with severe negative emotions.

If you had a dream then know that its hard coded in your brain and heart. If you gave up on it you will only end up feeling disappointed even if you managed to deceive your conscious mind the way Steve did.

Do you know how you can end this problem?
You just need to do two things, the first is to be brave enough to accept reality and the second is to never settle for less than what you wanted to get.

Don't be a yet another Steve.

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