Why do some women share adult jokes

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Inferiority and compensation

In my previous article Why do men spread adult jokes i said that as a result of the pressure men are subjected to that urges them to act in a masculine way many of them feel they are not men enough. The way extreme masculine values are idolized and the way the media portrays the macho man makes most men feel inferior when it comes to masculinity.

A slim man , a short one or even a one who isn't well built might have a problem feeling masculine as he gets subjected to certain images of men that the media sends. As soon as inferiority happens compensation follows. In my article Inferiority and compensation i explained how people do certain actions to compensate for their perceived inferiority.

Many men start to spread adult jokes to make themselves look more masculine and manly. This happens on the unconscious level and so those men just think they liked the jokes. Yes of course a part of spreading the joke was liking it but the other part was all about proving oneself manly enough. See also a psychological components of a joke.

Why do women spread adult jokes?

First of all let me tell you that i am taking sexual frustration out of the equation. Of course sexual frustration is one of the reasons why some people forward adult jokes but generally there are people who spread much more of those jokes than others and those are the people i am talking about.

One of the readers sent me an email asking me why would women spread adult jokes if wanting to appear more manly was one of the important reasons that motivate men to do so.

In my article about the Masculine protest i said that just as men are pressured to be more masculine women are pressured to abandon the weak female stereotype.

In most areas of the world a typical woman finds that men spread jokes about women, think of them as inferior and connect weakness with being a woman.

When someone tells you to man up, what does it mean? It simply means to be stronger. Now when someone tells you to not act like a woman probably he means that you shouldn't be weak or scared.

Now those stereotypes have made so many women rebellious against their feminine nature as they connected it with weakness. Many of those women protest by doing extreme masculine behaviours like spreading adult jokes.

Sending occasional jokes

Let me make it clear that i am not talking about the ones who send occasional jokes but i am talking about the ones who keep repeating the behaviour over and over. But even when a person does something once every while there is also a psychological reason behind it.

In such a case the reason might be different but still there would be a reason apart from the having fun factor. Yes people share jokes to have fun but the reason certain jokes made them laugh in the first place is that they helped them meet their important needs. See assessing a person's beliefs using jokes.

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