Why do we fall in love at the wrong time

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why now?

Why do we fall in love at the wrong time?
Why do we get attracted to people when we aren't ready the most?

I get emails from people who complain about the fact that they fall in love at the wrong time. Those people say that even though they decided not to think about relationships they accidentally met people they fell for.

Sometimes a much worse thing happens. After a person settles for a relationship he meets another person and falls in love with them.

The confusion that happens in both cases can be attributed to one important Factor which is: lack of proper knowledge about the psychology of love.

Why do we fall in love

contrary to common beliefs there is no such a thing as "a not ready for relationships phase". In my article Why we fall in love i explained how love happens as soon as we find someone who meets all the important items in our love maps.

This process happens on the unconscious level not on the conscious level. And this is why it can't be consciously turned of no matter how hard you tried. Your subconscious mind will always be in a constant search of a person who can help you satisfy those needs you have whether you liked it or not.

Yes a person can claim that he is single because he is not ready for a relationship but as soon as the subconscious mind finds the right match emotions will fire and there will be no way to stop them.

Falling for someone at the wrong time

So many people suffer from the problem of finding the right person after getting into a relationship and this usually happens because of a very common mistake that so many people make.

So many people get into relationships to end loneliness, to find someone to talk to, not to be single, because they are afraid to remain single, because they are insecure about getting old and the list goes on.

In the Solid Self confidence guide i said that so many relationships are started for self esteem related reasons without having anything to do with love.

Now the problem that happens is that those people go for relationships even though their subconscious minds aren't fully convinced. Few months or even years later when the subconscious mind finds the right match those people fall for them and then believe love happened in the wrong time.

Yes it could happen that you love someone then later find that you love someone else and in such case you shouldn't blame yourself much. But the big problem happens when you go for a relationship even though you know its not the right one for you. In such a case the relationship is doomed to fail.

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