Why interracial dating might not work

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I think it can work

According to my own point of view there is nothing wrong about two people from a different race getting into a relationship together. I believe people can happily be in a relationship if they match the love maps of each other even if they have different races.

The reason however many of the interracial relationships fail has a lot to do with our behavior as human beings and the behaviour of the people surrounding us. In other words the concept itself is fine but the way we behave can make such a relationship risky in some cases.

People generally like familiarity

In my book The psychology of physical attraction i said that people generally prefer to date the ones who are familiar to them. We like familiar things because they make us feel comfortable, safe and at ease.

When a person decides to pursue someone from a different race he might be giving up on one angle of familiarity. Of course familiarity isn't just about race and a person can feel familiar around someone if he is from a totally different race, see why we like the people we see often.

However many people prefer to stick to their own races to prevent the potential problems that might arise if they dated someone from a race they aren't really familiar with.

Why interracial dating might not work

As a person gets into a relationship with someone from a different race his friends and peers , who also like familiarity, might keep pushing him to date someone from his same race.

If the fears and worries of those friends and peers was transferred to that person then he might also start getting worried and afraid (see how peer pressure affects us).

The second and the very dangerous thing that might happen is starting to judge the person based on his race. Once a person believes that someone is too different than him his opinion about that person could become biased.

In other words many of the ordinary problems ,that would have normally been overlooked in a normal relationship, would become exaggerated in an interracial relationship and even worse the race of the person might be blamed.

Of course all of those are wrong judgements but since the subconscious mind is too powerful the person might believe in them and consider them solid facts (See why most people live a twisted reality).

Go for interracial relationships but beware of your mind

My advice is to go for the most suitable person you find even if he comes from a different race. But if you are going to do so then you need to keep your thoughts and beliefs under constant monitor for you can easily be eluded by the people around you, see why you always choose the wrong person.

In such a case you need to learn how to correct the beliefs of your friends when they try to scare you instead of believing in them and considering them solid facts.

It all depends on your personality. If you aren't the kind of person who gets affected by people and if you really like the person you are after then race won't matter.

The problem only happens when the people around you program you and when your mind deceives you.

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