Why we get attracted to people when we are not single

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do i find people attractive even though am loyal

This question troubles many people. Many people wonder why they find others attractive even though they are loyal to their current partners?

For women this is even a more complex question because they don't put a very high weight to looks the way men do, See do men only care about looks.

The answer to that question is simple. Attraction is controlled by the Subconscious mind which doesn't really care whether you are single, married or not ready.

The subconscious mind is like a little child that acts based on its desires. The rule of the conscious mind should be taming the subconscious mind's desires and controlling them.

Many cheaters, who don't understand this fact, cheat as soon as they get attracted to other people. Those people don't understand the fact that any loyal person can still get attracted to a totally new person while being in a relationship.It's just the way the mind works.

So why this attraction happens?

There are many reasons why this attraction happens. The most famous is finding someone who has something that your current partner doesn't have. As i said earlier the love map is the list of items your subconscious mind will always be looking for in others.

If your current partner perfectly matches your love map then you will hardly get attracted to someone else. If your current partner partially matches your love map then you might find other people attractive, See also why we find some people unattractive.

There is also a famous case where one of the very important things a person is looking for isn't found in his current relationship partner. This can lead to confusion and frequent attraction to people who have that thing.

In other words, getting attracted to other people while you are in a relationship can be a tiny issue that you should overlook or it can be a warning sign that a greater issue is there.

What to do about that?

If you love your partner then you should avoid seeing those people you get attracted to. If they are close friends then you need to see them less often, See also can friends become lovers.

That would be the right action in case you are happy with your relationship but if you are not then you need to take totally different steps. First , in order to be honest, you need to tell your partner that you do need a break because you don't like some things about the relationship.

Next you need to use that break to figure out exactly whether this is what you want or not. Based on the answer to that question you will be able to figure out what you need to do next.

One very important thing. I don't want this article to confuse you. If you like your partner but occasionally find someone else attractive then it's totally OK because its a part of human nature. You should only get worried when this attraction is strong enough that it forces you to question your intentions.

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