Am i a nerd

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Am i a nerd

The psychological identity is the way you see yourself and relate to others. Believing that you are a nerd means that your psychological identity was influenced by factors that made you believe that you are a nerd.

All recent researches have proven that once you believe in a certain psychological identity you will start to fulfill the prophecy by behaving in ways that matches this identity even if you didn't like it at all!!

in my previous article how people affect your life i explained how minorities who suffer from discrimination in schools score less in exams if they were reminded of the fact that they belong to a minority group.

because those people believed in the identity of being incompetent that was imposed on them by their friends they fulfilled the prophecy and scored less in exams!!!

The same will happen to you if you believed that you are a nerd, your subconscious mind will engage in nerdy behavior and you will really become one.

The nerd identity

Few days ago i came across an article written by someone who explained how he became anxiety free after wearing contact lenses instead of glasses.

It was clear that this person was called a nerd in his early childhood by his classmates and that's why he has developed an unconscious anxiety that is related to wearing glasses.

Because glasses made that person feel like a nerd and triggered his unconscious childhood memories he felt anxious around people when wearing them.

This person has developed the nerd identity when he was a child and so he felt anxious whenever he did something that brought him close to this identity (wearing glasses in this example).

If you feel like a nerd without understanding why then you must examine your early childhood to find out whether the feelings you are experiencing now are a reflection of your past or not. (see How to forget the past)

Let me tell you who i am

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how people become anxious because they focus on others who might judge them instead of focusing on telling others who they really are.

If you became obsessed with the judgment of others you will feel anxious and you wont be able to give the impression you want. Stop thinking about people's opinion of you and focus on learning the social skills that you lack so that you force them to respect you.

Self confidence is all about learning the skills that you lack then applying them many times until your subconscious mind starts believing in you. The next time you think that you are a nerd remind yourself that your beliefs determine who you are and that becoming anything is 100% dependent upon the beliefs you have about yourself.

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