Can people judge you because of your name

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why Hurricanes with female names are more destructive?

A study has found that hurricanes that was given female names resulted in more fatalities. But what's the connection? Why a hurricane that was named sandy kills more people than a hurricane that was named Christopher?

The answer has nothing to do with the hurricane itself but it has a lot to do with people's behavior. It was found that when hurricanes were given female names people became more careless in dealing with them.

People assumed that a hurricane named sandy would be much less harmful and thus they were more likely to underestimate its dangers. On the other hand a hurricane bearing the name of a man was thought to be more dangerous and so people were less likely to underestimate it.

If this shows anything it would be that people judge things based on so many factors including their names.

Being trusted because of your name

Another study has found that people are more likely to trust those who have simple names.If a name was simple and easy to understand then people assume that the person who has that name is trust worthy person.

Of course this has a lot to do with the names people are used to in their countries. For example an American citizen will find a name such as john or brad very simple to pronounce while a German name such as Günther wolfgang would certainly appear more complex to an American citizen.

People unconsciously assume that if a name is simple then the person bearing that name is more trust worthy. I have said in another article that people might be reluctant to eating a food that looks strange simply because humans always want to stay in their comfort zone.

In another article i said that the more you see a person the more likely you are to find him attractive because his looks becomes more familiar to you. (See also Attraction and proximity)

How your name affects you personally

In addition to being judged by others because of your name your behavior might get affected as well because of your name. In my article subconscious mind programming i explained how repetition programs the mind and results in the formation of new beliefs.

If You had a name that had a good meaning such as "Faith" then your mind might believe that you should have faith because of your name. The opposite happens with names that have bad meanings as well.

Of course this doesn't happen with everybody because there are so many other factors to consider but provided that everything else is constant your name can program your mind and change your behavior.

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