How can one man change the world

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What if things worked in another way?

Reed Hastings loved to rent and watch movies at a time where they will still available on video tapes instead of DVDs and the internet. One day he was asked to pay a late fee of 40$ for a movie that he delayed.

Reed was astonished and he started to wonder how many people out there actually suffered from such late fees. In the meantime DVDs and DVD players were rare and expensive but reed had a vision that they will eventually go down in price and become the common way for watching movies.

Reed acted upon his vision and started his company Netflix. When the company began operation Reed was hit by the fact that DVD players were still not affordable to most people and thus he had serious problems renting his DVDs.

Wrestling with the 800 pound gorillas

At that time Netflix was considered a tiny company compared to both Wall-mart and Blockbuster who were in the same industry. Reed went to Blockbuster to ask for partnership to handle their online orders but they laughed at his offer for his company was too small to be considered a strategic partner. (see Why those who put you down know nothing)

Reed then got a brilliant idea. What about letting people pay a monthly subscription fee that allows them to watch all the movies they wanted without paying late fees. Sales started growing and Reed's vision was about to come true but shorty his big competitors started offering the same products for lower prices. (see also How to fulfill your dreams)

Reed believed in his vision so much that he sacrificed profits just to survive the price war and he did it. After some real tough competition Blockbuster had no more resources to continue the price war while had to outsource the online movie rental to Netflix.(see How to develop a strong will)

After sometime Dvds started to become much more affordable just like Reed expected and Shortly Netflix revenues jumped to 2 billion dollars a year.

How can one man change the world

At a time where videos were only available on tapes Reed had a vision about what's yet to come and within years his vision became true.

So how can one man change the world?

  • 1) He must have a vision: In 1997 Reed saw what will happen in 2010. He had a vision about how the world will be like in years.
  • 2) He must believe in his vision: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that believing in your dreams is the key to making them come true. Reed scarified his time, money and risked his reputation just because he believed in his vision. He risked everything not because he was careless but because he was sure that his vision was correct (see How can belling in yourself help you succeed)
  • 3) Tremendous courage: Reed was brave enough to compete with two huge market players Wall-mart and blockbuster. Many people thought that those big companies will crush Netflix but they never managed to do it.(see How to conquer your fears)

Changing the world is about having a big dream and a vision then fighting to make them come true no matter what happens.

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