How to be accepted by others

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to be accepted by others

Not to get me wrong, what i mean by being being accepted by others is leaving a good impression when dealing with people especially strangers.

This doesn't mean that you should strive for acceptance or beg people for approval but it only means that you should learn how to be accepted by others then never care about the result if it didn't match your expectations.

A research has shown that people who expect to be accepted by others during social interactions tend to be accepted more than those who expect to be rejected!

This means that if a person assumed that a stranger will like him then most probably that stranger will like him and if on the other hand the same person assumed that the same stranger will not like him then there a very big possibility that the stranger won't like him.

But what's the connection? Why do the people we expect to accept us treat us better than the ones we expect to reject us?

You can control whether others accept you or not!

You can control whether others accept you or not to a great extent!

It was found that when you expect to be accepted by others you become more friendly, interesting and confident around them and as a result you increase the chance of actually being liked by them.

On the other hand it was found that when you expect others to dislike you then you become unfriendly and cold. As a result some people will actually dislike you!!

Do you know why people who believe that others will never accept them always live with this false belief for years?

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that those people usually focus on the ones who resemble those who rejected them in the past and Because they assume that those people will act like the ones who rejected them earlier they conclude that they wont like them.

When those people put this assumption in mind they become cold and as a result they get real rejections that affirms their incorrect beliefs!! (see How to change negative beliefs)

Be optimistic and you will be accepted by most people

This leads us to a very important conclusion, If you assumed that people will like you and if you become more positive about your personality then there is a very big chance that you will fulfill the prophecy and prove your beliefs true.

I am sure you have a friend or two who like your jokes so much. Can you recall how you act around those people? Most probably you keep telling jokes all the time and they keep laughing at them! And As a result they like you even more.

Now can you recall how you act around someone you believe that he doesn't like you? You almost tell no jokes and that's why he might end up disliking you or finding you cold!!

In short the way you think of your likability will be reflected in the way you deal with others and in turn in the way people perceive you.

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