How to be different and unique

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can you think of a person who is different?

What's the first example that comes to your mind when you think of someone who was different?

Is he Steve jobs? Is she Oprah? Did you think of Bill gates or did warren buffet come to your mind?

No matter the name that came to your mind i am pretty sure that he is someone who has done something extraordinary in life. Something that most people didn't do or never dared to do.

Some people might mistakenly think that greatness is all about money but that's not true. Ghandi is an example of a great person who's ultimate goal wasn't money.

This also doesn't mean that its a bad thing if you went after money. Warren Buffet became great as a result of his large wealth.

Its all about what you believe is important in life. In other words there is no single definition of greatness but the common thing between them all is doing something that most people didn't do or never dared to do.

How to be different and unique

Now lets forget about great people for a moment and get back to you.
I bet you had big dreams (or still have them) and just as i am sure you have big dreams i am also sure that so many people tried to put you down.

Now think about it logically. Are the people putting you down different, unique and great? No, they are just like the crowd! they are no different.

Then why are you putting a weight to their words?
Do you want to know why some people became unique, different and great?
Its because they did the following:

  • 1) They Never listened to ordinary people: Ordinary people put others down until they become Ordinary like them. Any great person realized at one point of his life that following the ordinary will only lead to becoming as ordinary as them (see 5 Motivational success stories)
  • 2) They were passionate about something: All great people were passionate about something in life and they all fought for it to the last moment. Those people became great because they defended their values and held on to their dreams. Those who gave up on the other hand never made it that far and that's why no one heard of them
  • 3) They swam against the current: No matter how good the thing you are trying to reach you will always find very strong resistance from people. Most people think negatively, don't believe in themselves and have false beliefs about life and as a result they will usually put you down whenever you attempt to do something big or different. All different and great people swim against the current
  • 4) They take the hits: I would be lying to you if i told you that everything is going to go smoothly. In my book From 0 to 1 million dollars i said that you will never achieve your goals without facing so many difficulties and if you are not ready to take the hits then you will collapse under the pressure. Its not about hard you hit but its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done. Remember Rocky's Speech?
  • 5) They Kept trying: All success stories of great people are almost the same. They all failed, tried again and failed again then kept trying and failing until they did it. In order to be a great person you need to realize that failing is the price you have to pay before you can be successful

Fight for your dreams

Do you want to be different and unique?
Then find the things you are passionate about the most then build your dream based on them. Fight as much as you can, take the hits, stand up when you fall and don't listen to ordinary people.

If you did that right you will become unique and different. And if you did it really well you will become a great person.

Imagine Steve jobs listened to those who told him that starting Apple was a bad idea?
Or imagine that ghandi gave up too early?

How would life have been like for them?

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