How to become more photogenic

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to become more photogenic

can someone become more photogenic?
Yes its completely possible.

Millions of people lack self confidence because of believing that they are unattractive.

One of the main reasons some people believe that they are not attractive is that they find themselves looking bad in pictures.

After all if they look bad in pictures then they must look bad in real life, right?
No that's completely wrong.

In my article why do i look ugly in pictures i explained how cameras show 2D images of people instead of the 3D images that the eyes see and as result some people look awful in pictures while they are very attractive in real life.

So how can someone become more photogenic?

Becoming more photogenic

To become more photogenic all you need to do is to experiment!
I am sure it happened to you at least once that you found yourself looking good in a picture.

This must have happened because the setting of the picture matched your facial features. For non photogenic people there is a certain setting that will usually make them look great in the picture.

Try to change the lighting and take different pictures until you find out the one that makes you look good.

Try to change your pose then take different pictures until you find out the pose that makes you look photogenic the most.

Try to change your smile or your facial expression and keep doing the same until you find out the one that makes you photogenic the most.

In short becoming photogenic is all about finding the right combination of variables that makes you look good in a picture.

Photogenic people and self image problems

Research has shown that most people underestimate their looks at least by a one point out of 10. People who were not lucky enough to be photogenic underestimate their looks even more.

A self image problem happens when a person believes than he is less attractive than he truly is and one of the good ways to reduce the effect of such a problem is to follow the previous advice in order to become more photogenic.

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