How to change my reality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to change my reality

Do you believe that you are stuck in a certain reality?
Do you think that your current reality can't be changed?
Are you assuming that your life will keep going in the same direction?

if you answered these questions with yes then most probably you believe that you are stuck in your current reality. In this article i will tell you exactly how to change your reality so that you manage to live the life you want and escape from your reality's prison.

What frequency are you tuned to?

Our minds are like radio devices, they send and receive different messages based on the frequency they are tuned to. A research found that people tend to think about the meaning of life when they were allowed to stare at a dinosaur skull.

Because they tuned themselves to a different frequency they started thinking differently.

If you currently believe that its impossible to change your reality then you will always be tuned to find obstacles instead of possibilities.

But what if you started thinking about possibilities instead of difficulties?
Won't you be tuning your mind to think of possible ways to change your reality?

Yes that's absolutely right, the first step to changing your reality is to tune yourself to the frequency of possibilities by believing that a change is possible.

False beliefs might prevent you from changing reality

As soon as you will start to think of possibilities your false beliefs will emerge to the surface. For example you might find yourself thinking of something like "cmon, i tried many times before and i failed" while trying to think of possibilities.

Here you just discovered one of your false beliefs which is assuming that few failures in the past will lead to new failures in the future.

In this case you must remind yourself that all people who succeeded in this world failed numerous times before.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that all false beliefs can be weakened and then removed if you constantly challenged them. The second step in changing your reality is to spot these false beliefs and question them until they weaken just like i explained in this section.

The past doesn't determine the future

Our brains usually assume that a certain bad mood will remain forever just because we have been living with it for a while but that's not true.

Who said that feeling bad today means that you will feel bad tomorrow?
Who said that tomorrow will be like today?
Who said that nothing can be changed?

Of course nothing will change if you didn't take actions and if you didn't start moving. If you want to change your reality then know that you are the only one who can change it and unless you move now things will remain the same.

Its possible to change your reality but you first need to believe that its possible and then you should start taking powerful actions.

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