How to deal with people who are always late

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to deal with people who are always late

How to deal with people who are always late?
Before i can answer this question i must first tell you why are some people always late.

All of us without exceptions arrive late sometimes because of events that aren't under our control but some people have developed the bad habit of always arriving late even if nothing prevented them from showing on time.

Those people aren't just always late when it comes to arriving on time but they delay their tasks, defer important things and never deliver things on time.

In this article i will tell you how to deal with people who are always late.

Dealing with people who are always late

People who are always late don't have problems with time but they have problems with self discipline. In my previous article Why do some people procrastinate so much i said that the parenting style can affect the child's ability to become disciplined and thus result in the creation of a procrastinator.

Usually people procrastinate or arrive late because of a strong unconscious reason that they aren't even aware of. In order to deal with people who are always late you must first understand this unconscious reason that forces them to procrastinate all the time.

Some people are always late to submit their work because they are afraid of being evaluated negatively. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that some procrastinators or people who are always late are acting that way to prevent others from testing their self worth.

Others procrastinate because they are afraid of failure while a third group might be always late because they hate the task they are doing.

Sometimes a person might always arrive late when meeting some people because unconsciously he doesn't think that its important to be on time.

How to help people who are always late

You will never be able to help people who are always late before you understand the unconscious reasons behind their behavior. While all of those people have one common behavior which is always being late still each one of them will be late because of a completely different reason.

By talking to those people more and by understanding the psychological drives behind their procrastination you will be able to help them deal with the root causes instead of telling them over and over to arrive on time without getting any results.

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