How to deal with hard and tough times

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to deal with tough times

Sometimes everything goes wrong all of sudden
Sometimes we find ourselves drifting away from our goals and our dreams
Sometimes we find everything going against us

Tough times are a normal part of life, no one is above them and no one is immune to them however for some people, tough times can mark the end of their progress while for others they become the beginning of a great positive change in their lives

Whether tough times will leave you broken or whether they will make you stronger it all depends upon the way you deal with these tough times.

In this article i will tell you how to deal with tough times and how to emerge more powerful after facing them.

Dealing with tough times

Your subconscious mind is responsible for your belief system and it forms beliefs about you based on the way you deal with the situations you face. If each time you meet new people you become afraid your subconscious mind will believe that you lack self confidence and this belief will become a part of your belief system.

Knowing this information could lead us to conclude that tough times can sometimes be Gifts sent to us by God to prove to our subconscious mind how tough, resilient and strong we are.

If during tough times you become helpless, desperate and did nothing to save yourself your subconscious mind will believe that you are week while if you fought back or at least didn't collapse your subconscious will believe that you are strong.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that you can Consider your subconscious mind a friend who is watching you in order to determine your belief system for you based on the actions you take in life.

Please that one friend and you will have a solid self confidence, do something otherwise and you will live with false beliefs about yourself in addition to self doubts.

Use motivating media to help you with down times

Most people who aren't aware of the psychological effects music have on our brains believe that the sole purpose of music is entertainment while in fact music can help you reaffirm beliefs that can help you withstand tough times.

A song like Hang on by Plumb for example can help you reassure yourself that you will hang on even if you are facing a tough time. There are lots of motivational songs that can help you with down times such as Pale (within temptation), Stand my ground (within temptation), Can't no body stop me( Doyce Da 59) and can't be touched (roy jones).

There are numerous songs out there, just listen to whatever matches your taste. The most important thing is to know that songs program your mind through the suggestions present in their lyrics and can play a great role in shaping your beliefs.

Listen to the right songs that program your mind with the right beliefs and you will find yourself much stronger in the face of tough times.

You are the white knight

If you are waiting for a white knight to save you or if you are waiting for things to change to the better then you might wait a lot or even forever.

If you want to see that white night who can really save you then take a look at the mirror. You are the white knight!!

You are the only one who can help you with these tough times
By lying in bed, crying or feeling desperate nothing will happen
You know you aren't happy that way and you also know that waiting for someone to save you won't lead you anywhere

Stand your ground
Get up upon your feet
look life straight into the eyes
and Fight back

Only then you will get over tough times.
And in addition you subconscious mind believe that you are strong.

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