How to get more opportunities in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Success happens when preparation meets opportunity

In my previous article The theory of luck i explained how success happens when a well prepared person gets the right opportunity.

But what if a well prepared person never got an opportunity?
What if you were too smart but never got the right chance?
Certainly success is not going to happen.

Sean Parker became a billionaire because he joined FaceBook very early. One day Sean heard about a new site called Facebook and went to meet Markzuckerberg. Because Sean already had good connections he managed to impress Mark zuckerberg and soon he was a part of Facebook.

But what if Sean Parker never heard about Facebook in its early days?
What if he was told about it later when it became big enough that he wouldn't be allowed in?

There is a great possibility that Sean would have been much less successful than he is now even though he is brilliant. This is why its very important that you learn how to find new opportunities in life in order to increase your chance of success.

How to get more opportunities in life

  • 1) Always keep expanding your social circle: An new opportunity can show up as soon as you meet the right person. By expanding your social circle all the time you would be increasing your chance of getting more opportunities
  • 2) Master many skills: Before Sean went to meet mark zuckerberg he already got famous as he was a part of the team that developed Napster, a famous music sharing app. Had Sean not been famous for his social and programming skills then mark Zuckerberg might have not been interested meeting him
  • 3) Make a lot of noise: Even though the company was forced to close Napster got extremely famous that Sean was almost a celebrity. The more noise you can make the more likely you are to be heard and the more opportunities might come to you
  • 4) Attend as many events as you can: The more events you attend the more likely you are to come accross the right contacts who can help you succeed later on
  • 5) Move if needed: Some countries or cities have better opportunities than others. If you want to create a social network for example then the best place to be is Silicon valley.
  • 6) Always keep brainstorming: Brainstorming can result in new and unexpected ideas. Many great companies started after the founders accidentally discovered a great idea through unplanned brainstorming (see also How to find innovative ideas)
  • 7) Actively seek opportunities: Right after the failure of Napster Sean Parker was actively seeking the next big thing. He wanted to be a part of another big company and that's why his search led him to Mark Zuckerberg

Opportunities don't always come on their own

As you have just seen opportunities don't show on their own in many cases. Yes some people do get opportunities while doing nothing but why not increase your chance of finding the right one fast?

When you actively start seek an opportunity your chance of finding one will be much higher. Remember that success can never happen without the right opportunity. Even if you are smart, persistent, creative, passionate and a hard worker you will still fail if you didn't come across the right opportunity.

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