how to have the heart of a lion

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The heart of a lion

Once upon a time there was a lion living alone in the forest. He decided to leave the forest to find another interesting place because he was bored of his life. The lion kept moving until it found a small garden inside the city with many cats living in it.

The lion lived among the cats and felt happy with its new life. One day a little kid started to run towards the cats fast and as a result all cats felt afraid and ran. The lion stood clueless not knowing what to do until one cat told him "run run".

Because the lion was clueless about the right action it started running as well. Days passed and the lion started behaving more and more like cats until it forgot that it was a lion. This lion carried the heart of a lion but because it was subjected to a great pressure to act like the cats that lion heart was completely useless.

How to have the heart of a lion

What does this story has to do with having the heart of the lion?
In fact you are that lion and your friends, peers and relatives are the cats.

How many times people tried to put you down and convinced you that you wont get what you want?
How many times you changed your behaviour as a result of peer pressure?
How many people convinced you to believe in their false beliefs about life?
How many times a coward motivated you to remain in your comfort zone?

If you want to have the heart of a lion then you must stop playing with cats or at least you must remind them that you are a lion whenever they tell you that you can't do something.

How people can prevent you from having the heart of a lion

Here are few examples that can show you how people can prevent you from having the heart of a lion:

  • Are you mad??: How many times someone told you that you are mad because you managed to break the norms? In fact when i first attempted to start my online business everyone told me that i am mad. Do you know why they tried to put me down? its because i was attempting to do something that they never did before. I thought that i have the heart of a lion at that time but soon they were about to convince me to quit doing what i was doing!! Thanks God i didn't quit and few years later i became a dot com millionaire !! (see my book How i did it)
  • This is impossible: Without having bad intentions many people will turn your lion heart into the heart of a cat by putting you down. How many times someone told you that you are after an impossible goal? In the Solid Self confidence program i said that people who lack self confidence always put others down because they don't believe that success can be achieved
  • Why are you dressed like that?: People who lack self confidence are the first ones to notice defects in others because they are always obsessed with their own defects. How many times someone commented on the way you dress or comb your hair? most probably the person who criticized you is a one who lacks self confidence and who was only concerned because he is always obsessed with his own flaws

Stop playing with cats and have the heart of a lion

Its clear now that the main reason people fail to live with the heart of the lion is that they play with cats.

Not only do people play with cats but they even believe in what the cats say, follow the rules they are following and even live with the limitations they are living with.

If you want to have the heart of a lion then you must prevent others from telling you what to do especially if they were trying to put you down.

If you want to have the heart of a lion then you must stop acquiring limiting beliefs from others.

If you want to have the heart of a lion then you must realize that you are not a cat and that the rules of the cat's world shouldn't be applied to you.

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