How to overcome psychological barriers

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to overcome psychological barriers

How can a person overcome a psychological barrier?

A psychological barrier is a limiting belief that prevents a person from reaching his full potential. This means that a person could be capable of succeeding or doing a certain thing but because of his psychological barrier he remains trapped where he is and does nothing.

What the Egyptians did in 25th of January 2011 can teach anyone in the world how to overcome psychological barriers.

For thirty years the Egyptians believed that there is no way on earth that can help them protest or ask for their rights. Each and every person including me believed that a change in the government can not happen and even if it did it won't happen the way we wanted it to be.

How can you overcome a psychological barrier

Living under the effect of this psychological barrier most people never ever thought about protesting or even imagining a brighter future but something happened on the 25th that showed people that there is some hope.

Many people realized that they are not limited by their capabilities or resources but that they are limited by their beliefs and psychological barriers. Those people decided to protest and went to the streets.

Whenever they moved in a street more and more people joined them. In my article social proof theory i said that people tend to follow large groups when seeking directions that's why as soon as a large group managed to overcome their psychological barrier millions followed.

Within few days more than 8 million person were in the streets and more than 70 million person managed to break the psychological barrier that they lived with for 30 years!!

Why did those people break the psychological barrier?

In fact it all didn't start in Egypt but it began in Tunisia where people started a protest and managed to force their president to leave. As soon as people in Egypt saw what happened the psychological barrier was broken and they believed that a change is possible.

A psychological barrier can be broken when a persistent person decides to break it and keeps trying until he does it. As soon as he succeeds most people who saw him succeed will succeed in breaking their own psychological barriers too.

It all starts when someone believes that something is possible and then decides that he will fight for that thing until it happens. Many will not believe him and many will make fun of him just because of their own psychological barriers but as soon as he accomplishes his mission all of those who were against him will turn to his side.

How can you overcome psychological barriers to success?

In order to overcome the psychological barriers to success you must understand that all people will try to put you down as long as you are going in a direction that they never took before.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that a psychological barrier is like a limiting belief, you can only overcome it when you believe that breaking free from it is possible.

Your belief system doesn't only determine who you are but it determines your success potential and the extent of what you will accomplish in life.

The Egyptians managed to overcome the psychological barrier because the Tunisians did it. The Tunisians did it because a small group believed that its possible and this small group did it because one man believed that it can be done.

Be that man and you will overcome any psychological barrier you face.

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