How to rise after falling

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to rise after falling

No one living on this planet, whether he was a very successful person or whether he was a complete loser, can deny the fact that life has its ups and downs.

Normal people rise and become giants while giants fall and start all over
No one is immune to failure and lifetime stability is just a myth

Because of the cyclical nature of life its so normal that you fall down even if you were very successful.

Moreover its so common that you forget how happiness felt like after months of sadness and how victory felt like after months of defeat.

In one of my previous articles i said that people can forget how a certain emotion felt like if they didn't experience it for a long time. I also said that a human being always assumes that his bad feelings are going to last forever as long he can't see the way out or think in an optimistic way.

So the question now is, how can you rise after falling?
How can you prevent yourself from feeling broken and how can you rise again after you fall?

This is how to rise after falling

I said earlier in my article Negative motivation techniques that some people are motivated best by pain avoidance.

now what you need to do in order to use this motivation strategy to help yourself rise after falling is to:

  • Step one, find a calm place: Sit in a place where no one can distract you
  • Step two, Visualize the worst case: Start visualizing the worst things that could happen to you in your life if you gave up or if you decided not to fight back
  • step three, Ad special effects: Imagine that you became an old desperate man and that you are telling your life story to a curious person who you asked about it. Imagine how bad you will feel while saying that your past life was such a mess. Visualize as much details as you can and make your imagination seem real

If you visualized that situation correctly your subconscious mind will refuse the images that you presented it with and it will try to help you find a way out. (see also How to visualize what you want)

Visualize how rising will feel like

Now that you did the previous steps its time to visualize the opposite scenario. Its time to do the same while visualizing a bright future where all of your dreams came true.

The relative comparison that your subconscious mind will do will make it eager to help you make the positive scenario true and avoid the negative scenario. Scientific researches has shown that visualizing the things that you like after visualizing the things that you dislike will make the first become more desirable and the later more unwanted.

In order to prevent your motivation from turning into frustration you must make sure that you have an action plan to follow in order to get out of your current problems and to rise again.

Frustration on its own is not bad, sometimes putting yourself under pressure becomes a great way to motivate yourself to make a serious change to your life, But beware, if you didn't manage to channel this energy through proper actions then you might end up depressed

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression can result from being put under extreme pressure without having a clue about the way out. Before you pressurize yourself that way make sure you have a plan even if it was incomplete.

Its also extreemly important to have faith in your plan. In my previous article indifference explained i explained how indifference can result from believing that your actions will yield no result.

Do you want to rise?

Put that worst scenario in your mind again.
Do want this to be your end?
Do you want to be that desperate old man?
Do you want your life to end in that miserable way?
Do you want to fall? or do you want to rise once again?

Fight back with all the power that you have and rise again.
Its not a shame for a giant to fall but what's shameful is forgetting that ,once, he was a giant.

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