How to Love Yourself

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Loving Yourself

Loving yourself. When first reading those words you may think that you are about read an article that was written by a philosopher but the truth is that it’s going to be one of the most practical articles you have ever read.

What is meant by Loving yourself?

Loving yourself is all about accepting your strengths and weaknesses and even going a step further by loving yourself the way you are.

The reason I decided to write such an article is the strong effect that loving yourself can have on both your self confidence and your relationships.

There once was a Man called Adam. Adam didn’t like his looks because he thought that he was fat. Adam thought that he hated his excess weight but the truth is that he hated himself for being fat. Adam’s unconscious mind has hidden this self hatred not to damage his self confidence.

Everything was going fine but there was something that has been troubling Adam since a long time. His striving for social approval. Adam used to feel confident by collecting compliments and other messages that showed that people are approving him. Unless he felt that everyone loved him, he used to feel totally worthless without really knowing why.

But do you know why was he striving for social approval? Because he didn’t approve himself first and so he always needed an external source of approval in order to compensate for his feelings of being hated.

Loving Yourself and Hating Yourself

I know it may be hard to hear this for the first time but the truth is that the need of approval and lack of self confidence are sometimes rooted to hating yourself. When you hate yourself your mind then strives to find you other people who love you in order to make you feel good and when they leave you or reject you you will feel totally worthless.

If you really love yourself there wont be a need for your mind to search for this love in the outside world and the result would be:

1)Feeling less bad when being rejected
2)Having more self confidence
3)Becoming more independent
4)Becoming emotionally stronger
5)Breaking the habit of love and relationship addiction
6)Getting over depression!! In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression can result from inner self conflicts. If you managed to eliminate these inner self conflicts by loving yourself you are less likely to get depressed.

How to Love yourself

There is only one way to love yourself, focus on your points of strength and accept your weak points. When I say focus on your points of strength I mean writing them down, keeping them in front of you, telling others about them and reading them before you go to sleep.

Some people forget about their good points and just focus on the bad ones and the result is hating themselves unconsciously. Accepting your weak points means that you should accept your real weaknesses and not the perceived ones. Adam wasn’t really fat or ugly, but he just thought so!!

How many perceived weaknesses do you have?

If you managed to know your real weak points and then accepted them,in addition to focusing on your strengths you will end up loving yourself. When you love yourself, your self image will change and you will become much more confident.

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