creating anchors

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is an anchor?

In NLP the word anchor refers to an association that happens between two items in your mind. If for example you recall a good memory whenever you hear a certain song then both the memory and the song are said to be anchored in your brain.

Creating an anchor

creating a new anchor is not as hard as it seems to be, in order to create an anchor you just need to make sure that the two items that you want to anchor together keep happening in the same time.

For example suppose you downloaded a new song that you didn't listen to yet. Instead of hearing it over and over just keep it aside and only listen to it when you feel that you are happy. This may take you some time but in the end the anchor will be developed between happiness and this song.

After that you can listen to the song while feeling normal and you will be surprised to find yourself feeling happy few minutes later. This happened because the feelings of happiness were anchored to the song.

Do anchors last forever?

If anchors were permanent no one would have been sad but as i said before the anchor becomes week as long as its not strengthened.

if you kept on hearing the song whenever feeling sad you will end up anchoring sadness to the song. In order to prevent this from happening you must make sure that you are strengthening the anchor more than you are using it.

Think of the anchor as a resource which can be depleted but that can also be recharged. don't deplete it all without charging it.

anchors for quitting smoking

If you want to quit smoking you can anchor the habit of smoking to any bad feeling and so become less motivated to smoke.

there was once a company that made the smoking area made of glass and centralized its place in the company so that whenever someone passes by he watches the people who are inside the glass room smoking, few weeks later the number of smokers were reduced!!

guess what, the bad feelings of being watched that way through the glass like test subjects was anchored to smoking and so people got less motivated to smoke.

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