The Importance of Self-confidence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The Importance of Building Self-confidence

Everyone knows that self-confidence is very important but what is not known to everyone is the degree of its importance. Self-confidence is more important than you can imagine.

Self confidence can change your whole life to the better while lack of confidence will definitely have a negative effect on your social relations, career, achievements and even your mood. The following list will give you a better idea of the importance of self-confidence:

  • The more confident you are the less disappointed you will feel upon being rejected. whether it was a rejection letter, relationship rejection or personal rejection. What makes many people feel down when they get rejected is their own lack of confidence in their abilities and not the rejection itself.
  • The more self-confident you become the more risks you will be willing to take and so the more opportunities you will encounter
  • The more confidence you have the less will criticism affect you. Instead of feeling bad when being criticized you will just ignore it and laugh
  • The more Self-confidence you have the less anxious you will be. One of the major reasons for experiencing anxiety is that we doubt our ability to handle a situation. If we were confident that we can handle it correctly we wouldn’t have felt anxious.
  • When being lonely you won't feel that bad compared to someone who is not confident. Confident people have a better power of solitude which is the ability to feel good even when you are alone.
  • If you are a confident person, you will feel that you are worthy, regardless of your social or economic status. Even if you currently don't have someone who loves you or even if you aren't rich you will still feel adequate.
  • People will love you: people love confident ones and look up to them. By being self-confident you will be a role model for many other people.
  • One of the fundamental factors that can help in developing depression is a low self esteem. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how lack of self confidence can be one of the main factors that triggers depression. This doesn't mean that depression affects people who lack self confidence but it means that building self confidence will make you less likely to get depressed.
  • The less confident you are the easier you will experience jealousy.
  • The more confident you are the less likely you will feel insecure about a relationship or about your job.
  • The more confident you become the more convincing you will become and the more likely you will win debates.

Self confidence and happiness

Self confidence and happiness are strongly connected. Self confidence is all about knowing that you are good, worthy and capable of facing life problems.

Now why would a person who feels that way experience bad emotions? Actually the moments when we feel bad the most are the moments when our self confidence is at its lowest point.

In other words, the more confident you will become the happier you will be.

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