am i good looking

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Am i good looking

Why would i bother writing an article with that title?
After all the question "Am i good looking" sounds like a normal question right?

In fact that's one of the most dangerous questions a person can ask himself. A large number of people have self image problems where they are unsure of their looks and as a result they lack self confidence during social interactions especially with the opposite sex.

The real problem those people suffer from is that ,all of them without exceptions, see completely different images than their real looks when they visualize themselves in their minds. (see Poor self image)

Those people see themselves less attractive than they truly are and that's why they ask that question. If you are wondering whether you are good looking or not then you must read that article.

Are you good looking?

Millions of people have distorted images for their looks in their minds and as a result they become 100% dependent on the opinion of others to evaluate them.

The problem doesn't lie in depending on the opinion of others but it rather lies in the way those people interpret those opinions. If for example a girl who is unsure of her looks didn't manage to get a job she will quickly assume that she was rejected because she is not good looking. (see Dealing with all kinds of rejection

The real danger of the "am i good looking question" lies in the fact that people make false conclusions based on their incorrect perceptions of the life events they go through.

This problem doesn't stop at this point but it goes further until those people start discarding all clues that shows that they are really attractive. (see Why do we find people attractive)

For example:

  • Some people incorrectly perceive their weight: Many people especially women undergo extreme diets in order to lose weight while they are not over weight by any means!! If someone told one of those people that his weight is ideal he will consider it a compliment that was only said because the person who said it was kind enough!!
  • Incorrect perception of height: Some people believe that they are shorter than they truly are while others believe that there are much taller than they truly are. All your efforts to convince those people that they look normal will yield nothing because the problem lies in the way they process external input. Tell them that they are attractive and they will quickly assume that you are lying!!
  • Incorrect perception of facial features: Millions of people believe that they are not attractive while they are really attractive. Millions of people see a reflection of the criticism they got earlier in their lives when they look in the mirror instead of seeing their real looks!! (see Why criticism hurts)

You are good looking

The more you ask yourself the am i good looking question the more you will become dependent on your distorted perception to rate your attractiveness.

When that happens you will start seeing a different reality when you see yourself in the mirror. Don't underestimate the power of your mind, if you believed that you are not good looking you will always see an ugly person when you look in the mirror even if you were really attractive. (see Treatment of body image problems)

Simply your mind will let you focus on the features that you don't like and will quickly discard all the features that you like and as a result you will see an ugly person!

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